Sign up for the Small Living ... and you'll have less to clean!

Sign up for the Small Living ... and you'll have less to clean!

Studios, apartments ... Nowadays the houses are getting smaller, and is that living alone is fashionable. Well, alone or with your pet ... Because the idea of ​​changing home parties (which always end with broken furniture) for a night of blanket and Netflix calm, is very, very tempting. So, if you are also looking for your personal mini shelter, check out our selection of Small living!

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If you want to create a feminine atmosphere and glam In your studio, add some pink or gold detail, some velvet cushions, and don't forget the flowers!

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Do you live in an attic? Congratulations! Because you will enjoy a lot of natural light all day. But in addition, you can create open spaces like this kitchen with dining room to get that feeling of freedom so fresh and youthful.

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Are you passionate about Nordic style? Choose a range of gray tones and bring it to life with a couple of plants to avoid reloading the space. Less is more!

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Surfer life

High ceilings, natural light, and a single space to live at your leisure with everything in sight ... to the surfboard!

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Split with style

Is your bedroom literally attached to the kitchen? Then separate it with a glass enclosure, and the change will be spectacular!

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Another option

The same enclosure style, but this time adapted to an attic where the bedroom is located next to the living room. It is not beautiful?

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Another advantage of living in a small space is that you can invest in putting it glamorous ... without ruining!

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Double height

A living room with views… to the dining room and the kitchen! Doesn't it seem out of a story?

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Separate with curtains

The cheapest option to separate two spaces is by installing a curtain rod. This way, when you want to hide the bedroom, it will take you a second!

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Make the most of the square meters with a multipurpose space that includes bedroom, dressing room and living room.

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