40 ideas to keep the bike indoors without stealing space

40 ideas to keep the bike indoors without stealing space

It is a practical matter: where do I put the bicycle inside the house so that it does not look like a "stick"? We have toured the Network to locate the best ideas - for functional and aesthetic - to locate the bike at home. On hooks, on specific furniture, as part of the decoration, on top, on a shelf, in the garage ...

All these ideas have been seen on Pinterest.

Advertising - Keep reading below On the vertical terrace

With hooks on the terrace.

Bicycles by the stairs A decorative element in the living room Upside down

Take advantage of the roof! Hang the bike upside down on the roof of some hooks.

When there is space

No need ingenuity. The waiting bike is any corner.

In the stairwell In the hall

Ready to go "pedaling" through the door. In a corner, leaning against the wall or on your support leg. The bike like this is a deco element more than the entrance to your house.

Vertical stand for two bikes

Vertical metal support for two bikes.

In the classroom And also serves as a coat rack

Turn the bicycle over, hang it upside down and use it as a coat rack when not in use.

Curvilinear design support Wall or floor It is also a shelf Furniture designed for the bicycle

These furniture fulfill several functions. In addition to practical and decorative they are used to place the bicycle inside the house. A bench or shelf that supports the bicycle or a sofa that "hides" behind the back of your bike.

On the wall with brackets Shelving and support. A bike in style On a stool Two cylindrical wall bracket

You can make this discreet wall bracket yourself. Cut two pieces of cylindrical wood slat and install them on the wall. You will have to put a thread in the wood that will help you to fix the support to the wall as well.

The measurements will be marked by the frame of your bicycle.

Decorative wall brackets Decorative wall brackets

It is also shelf or shelf.

Decorative wall brackets with storage Decorative wall brackets Decorative wall brackets

The bicycle is held by the saddle.

Decorative wall brackets Decorative wall brackets Folding hook

An idea: install a folding hook behind the door. While the door is closed, the bicycle can be held right there.

Wardrobe with stand In the garage

Bar with hooks for several bicycles.

A metal mesh on the wall Vertical wooden stand for two bikes Roof hooks For several bicycles On a shelf Wall bracket A good idea for the hall

Under a shelf that will support the hall.

Metal bar support for several bicycles Another rack with bike support Very decorative, in some "horns"

Look at what most original wall. False heads of very decorative animals that serve as a coat rack and bicycle stand. In the following image you have the detail.

Bicycle stand detail And you can always ...

And if you have not had enough ideas and need one more ... we have it! Of course, it is suitable only for those who have a bicycle but do not use it frequently.