Are you going on a trip? Prepare the suitcase without forgetting!

Are you going on a trip? Prepare the suitcase without forgetting!

Surely it has happened to you more than once: the flight leaves in a few hours, you mentally review everything you carry in your suitcase and you go to sleep with total peace of mind, but ... When you arrive at your destination you discover that (oh no!) You you have left that dress that you were thinking of putting on dinner, or that cremita that you have become unconditional about. Conclusion? Before each trip, read this topic thoroughly ... and your basics will always go with you!

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If you go to a destination with a beach or pool, the swimsuit should top your priority list!

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Flip flops

The swimsuit and flip flops, of course, we don't want foot fungus!

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No matter where you travel, whether to China or Cuba, the sunscreen should always accompany you!

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Or rather, a windproof windproof, because as my mother says ... you never know when you're going to need it! And wherever you go, the weather forecast can play tricks on you ...

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No, no matter how much you try to deceive yourself, the headphones that give away on the train are not comfortable, so stop vague and go out and buy some in good condition! You will notice the difference, promised ...

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Blessed jars

There is nothing worse than getting to baggage control and getting your most precious perfume out of your hands ... That's why it is essential that you have a set of travel jars like this. And say goodbye to worries beauty!

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Hair bands

That said, it will seem silly, but if there is something that really bothers when it happens is that you forget the hair band. Why? Because apart from not being able to make you a very comfortable ponytail, it usually happens when your hair is a mess ...

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Makeup brushes

As you never know what plans await you when you go on vacation, this set of brushes will come with pearls if there is a night out!

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Many hotels have slippers in the rooms, but if you are not sure, do not hesitate and take them home!

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The same happens with the bathrobe as with the slippers, so if you can't get out of the shower without wearing it, you know ... to the suitcase!

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