12 plants that can be deadly for your pet

12 plants that can be deadly for your pet

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Digitalis

Although digitalis extracts are used in the pharmaceutical industry for patients suffering from the heart, this plant is also toxic to people, dogs and cats. Only half a gram of a dry leaf or two grams of a fresh one can kill a human.

2 Knight Spur

The Delphinium genus consists of about 300 species of perennial wild flowers. The alkaloids found in these plants can cause muscle tremors, respiratory paralysis, heart failure and death in dogs and cats.

3 Sagu Palm

This decorative and common tree of tropical climates produces a mortality if you ingest it from 50% to 75%. Symptoms include black stools, wounds and liver failure.

4 Aprus

This invasive outdoor plant is one of the most toxic on the planet. Simply a "pea" can cause death. Watch if you have any jewelery jewelery, made with its seeds.

5 Oleander

Oleander leaves can kill a human and even a cow so it goes without saying that it is extremely toxic to pets. Symptoms include diarrhea, shortness of breath and respiratory failure.

6 Wild Saffron

Wild saffron contains a toxin that resembles arsenic venom and can lead to death - blood vomiting, bone marrow suppression and damage to multiple organs.

7 Diefembaquia

Although Dieffenbachia is rarely fatal, it can cause respiratory problems in pets. Avoid plant sap: it causes skin irritation and if it comes into contact with the eyes it can damage the cornea.

8 False Acacia

Everything in this tree is harmful, but the bark and shoots are the most toxic. It is estimated that 10% of the exposures in this tree end in death. Symptoms include nausea, depression, weakness and kidney failure.

9 Lilies

Do not leave this bouquet of flowers near your cat. Eating a small amount of this plant can cause kidney failure in cats. If your cat decides to take a bite of the lily, take it immediately to the vet. There is a 100% mortality from lily poisonings that are not treated within the next 18 hours.

10 elephant ears

If your dog bites any part of the Caladium hortulanum, also known as elephant ears, it can end with fatal symptoms such as difficulty breathing and swallowing. This plant is also the fourth most poisonous to humans.

11 Ricino

Ricinus communis, a common plant inside the houses and the garden also known as castor, is the most poisonous plant in the world according to the Guinnes record book. If their leaves and seeds are ingested they can kill humans, dogs, cats, rabbits and numerous other animals.

12 Yew

Never play with your dog near a yew: the leaves of this tree are lethal with just biting a twig. The worst part is that the symptoms are not detected until it is too late.