A lovely bathroom worthy of a lady

A lovely bathroom worthy of a lady


The small bathrooms and low light require functional solutions. One of them, as here, is to eliminate the partition wall of the bedroom and integrate it into it.

Half-height walls, glazed structures, Level changes or custom furniture will serve to set limits, merge environments and maintain proper privacy.

The right mix of coatings: wood, marble, paint and wallpaper, achieve in this space a perfect balance and a stylish result.

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An exempt Victorian bathtub is the undisputed protagonist of this bathroom with a clear vintage accent. A style that is enhanced by the choice of accessories, such as marble wall cladding, canopy or faucets. Applique with mirror, by Olofane.

Well integrated

This bedroom, feminine and very romantic, was uniquely distributed in suite. In front of the bed a half-height wall was made, which serves as a separation element with the bathroom area. This structure, in addition, was used to install the washbasin with mirror and a storage cabinet that, saving the access opening, has its replica on the other side. Quilt, Texture. Orange blanket, from Zara Home. Cushion with frills,
from the firm Maison de Vacances.

By contrast

Against the total white of walls, sanitary ware and furniture, bright colors were chosen in the wallpaper that covers the headboard wall, textiles and complements to energize the area. Wallpaper, by Usera Usera.

Chic Details

Floral arrangements, toned towels and delicate glass jars with salts, perfume and eau de cologne, make this area of ​​the sink a super feminine dressing corner.
from Point à la Ligne.

Integrated in the bedroom and with bathtub

The architect Amaya Pérez Gandarias reformed and updated this bathroom from an old and deteriorated space. Open to the bedroom, he placed similar low furniture on both sides leaving a small hallway in the entrance hall.

Sanitary To the left of the entrance was installed the exempt bathtub attached to the wall. Next to her and, near the window, the toilet.

In couple. Two similar low furniture make the separating element of both rooms. Both on the side of the bathroom offer storage space and one of them, which is next to the window, houses the sink.

Bedroom. Attached to the wall, in front of the bathtub, the double bed with side tables was placed. Under the window, a storage cabinet was located.