Everything you need to know about hydraulic floors

Everything you need to know about hydraulic floors

What is a hydraulic tile? It is a handmade pigmented cement decorative tile. The hydraulic mosaic is made of compressed cement with hydraulic presses. They are resistant and can be used in outdoor and indoor areas.

The original tiles are porous so you should apply an impermeable layer that protects the floor from water, grease and other stains.

Ceramic tile It is made with red or white pasta and cooked. It is resistant, waterproof, easy to maintain, non-slip ... and is manufactured with the hydraulic finish. There are as many designs, colors and shapes as you can imagine. Its manufacture is simpler, which also allows to lower the price in many cases. The techniques even offer the possibility of reproducing more worn motifs than others, which gives an aged appearance very appropriate for this type of flooring. As if it were original.

Currently this type of floor is also manufactured in vinyl finish (PVC), there are even manufacturers of wood and laminates that offer these reasons.

When combining them you must take into account the design of the motifs and also the colors. Even if you want to place a valance on the perimeter or if you are going to use the lining on the entire surface or only in an area to delimit as a carpet or in strips. If you are going to combine two cladding and the hydraulic tiles are, for example, hexagonal, play to fit the pieces like a puzzle. The effect will be very original.

Hydraulic design of the Mutic design studio of Enticdesign

They usually appear in pieces of 20x20 cm although in stoneware you will find larger pieces in which several squares are already combined.

The motives can move to times of the past or update the design of these floors. You will find arabesque, floral, geometric, classic, rustic motifs ... What do you think about moving the hydraulic also to the walls? Perfect!

Ceramic tiles imitation hydraulic They are easy to clean and maintain and the thickness of the pieces is less than that of an original hydraulic tile.

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