England: Two destinations for two hotels

England: Two destinations for two hotels

Whether you want to enjoy the historic city of Durham or prefer to dive into the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square, there will be two Indigo Hotels Waiting for you with the doors open. And is that the famous line of boutique hotels has just opened two new establishments in the United Kingdom, one in the center of Durham, and another in the heart of the theater district of London.

If you opt for the first destination, in addition to enjoying its magnificent cathedral, have a blast in its pubs and relax in its cafes, you will be amazed to discover that The hotel is located in a protected historic building that was once part of the university, and therefore, the three types of rooms that you will find at your disposal, include from a decoration inspired by academic motifs that show the official purple color of the university, to beautiful suites with hanging tapestries.

But if London is your thing and you are passionate about theater, The Leicester Square hotel has 95 rooms of three different styles designed by the architecture studio Michaelis Boyd, all representing a stage of theatrical production. The screenwriter rooms They are inspired by the study of a playwright, with robust materials that recreate a very personal atmosphere, decorated with drafts of framed scripts. The backstage rooms they recreate the dressing rooms of the stars and have all the technical accessories of a stage: spotlights, strings and illuminated full-length mirrors. Finally, the auditorium rooms They mimic the experience of a private box, with numbered gold plates that refer to the auditorium seats, and luxurious polished plaster moldings.

Do you already have your choice clear? If the answer is no, we make it more difficult ... because we are going to show you a few pictures!

Photos and information: Indigo Hotels

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