L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchen

Moretti, Santos distributor, designed this kitchen with the model Line-L from one central island with work and cooking areas. The rest of the furniture was distributed in the form of L.
At the ends the office was located on one side and the laundry on the other.


The spacious kitchens allow to solve the storage problem, integrate office, island and laundry area, and still have space to move. Choosing an iron and glass enclosure to separate the kitchen from the living room is vital to maintain the visual connection between both rooms, while favoring the full diffusion of natural light. Opting for minimalist designs, bright white, smooth fronts without handles and a fume hood embedded in the ceiling are clear examples of how to visually lighten the entire space.

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The heart of the kitchen is a generous central island where the cooking zone is located, with a discreet plate ventilation system. The countertop of the island, in addition to offering a large work surface, extends into a bar with stools, perfect for enjoying quick lunches. Stools I drink, from Softline. Ceiling lamp, by Becara.

A very practical blind closet

The front of columns includes a hidden module with a shutter opening whose interior houses an extra work area and sockets and lighting, for the use of small appliances. Roof hood Wakefrom Falmec.

Distribution plan

1. Office and laundry. On one end the dining room was located, with a glazed enclosure, while on the other, a door gives access to the laundry area.
2. Central Island It has a large countertop with ceramic hob. On the one hand, it has a breakfast bar and on the other, it brings together three levels of drawers to store.
3. L-shaped storage. A paneled wall conceals cabinets and drawers as well as some appliances. In the shortest part of the L, the water zone was placed under the window.

Paneled front

The eight column cabinets that occupy an entire wall were reserved for storing and locating appliances. Then, under the large window, two low modules integrate dishwasher and sink, which alternate with drawers.