A sophisticated and feminine 45m2 studio

A sophisticated and feminine 45m2 studio

Pablo Sarabia

Paz, the young owner of this original apartmentYou already know how lucky it is to have an interior designer in the family. His cousin, María Salazar, would not only get the most out of her 45 m2, but also turn it into a cozy and bright house, with personality. “The apartment belongs to my parents, but they had always had it rented,” Paz tells us. "When the last tenant left, we took the opportunity to reform and so we can enjoy it."

Maria immediately saw all her possibilities: "You just had to shine it," he explains. After being rented for many years, the house was quite damaged. "We threw the whole study down and redistributed the space, leaving only the bathroom partitions”, Explains María Salazar. For Paz, keeping the floor clear seemed a good idea. “In such a small space, partitioning is a big mistake. It had to be that way. ” Further, as he does not usually cook, he did not inconvenience the kitchen to open to the rest of the house. Even so, the interior designer made sure to install a silent and powerful extractor hood. What he did place was a peninsula that delimits the spaces.

The original flooring was replaced by microcement. “This material offers continuity and a feeling of visual amplitude,” explains María Salazar. And the wooden palillería, thanks to the stylized vertical lines of the slats, provides a sense of order, height of ceilings and surfaces with an interesting relief. “At the beginning I could not visualize it,” recalls the owner, “but I loved Maria and now I love it. I think it's very special. ” Pablo Sarabia Owner and interior designer understand each other perfectly. “We are cousins ​​and we have always got along very well. María advises me on deco, styling and trends, and I her, on cosmetics and everything related to health, ”says Paz, who is a pharmacist. The kitchen peninsula has a bar that, at the same time, is a dining room. "I enjoy my breakfasts with views of the rooftops of Madrid." Pablo Sarabia White or colored kitchen? If you do not have space or have little natural light, the dilemma is resolved: bet on the target. It is true that you will not gain real meters, but the room will seem wider and you will notice that the clarity is multiplied. Pablo Sarabia "For the peninsula, we look for some ceiling lamps that break with the classic line that predominates in the bedroom, and we choose these of industrial aesthetics that undoubtedly generate a contrast," explains Maria. All three, placed in line, provide a homogeneous illumination on the surface. Lamps, by MisterWils. Kitchenware, bowls and jars, Ofelia Home & Decor. Pablo Sarabia

The interior designer also took advantage the great advantage that small floors have: “They are so few meters away, that we could give ourselves the pleasure of filling it with great details and finishes without leaving the budget: microcement, marble, lacquered wood palilleria, handmade tiles ... We look for first class materials to give it character, ”says María, who also included other elements that make it unique. Paz tells us: “My cousin designed a rotating TV stand, which goes from floor to ceiling and separates the living room from the bedroom. It's a great idea, because I can watch my favorite series from anywhere: on the kitchen counter, lying on the couch, in bed… ”

“With only 45 m2, the most important thing was to achieve breadth. We threw all the partitions, except those in the bathroom, and redistributed the space, ”says the interior designer. The owner was not at all reluctant to open the bedroom to the living room: "It is so small, it was necessary to do so." Pablo Sarabia To be seen. When a house is small, it is interesting to get pieces of household goods so attractive that they can be left in sight. So you can use cabinets and drawers to store the least showy. Some worthy candidates are the coffee set or chic cups on a tray. Pablo Sarabia “I was clear about what I wanted, but still, I let myself be absolutely guided by María Salazar. She is the professional. He has very good taste and many ideas. ” Together they chose the color range that would dominate the entire house. On the wall, on the sofa, photography, by Pinson Living. Cushions, by Pepe Peñalver. Kartell One More Please Stools. Pablo Sarabia Poufs, the most versatile solution. They are so light and easy to move, that you will have no problem when taking them from one point to another in the room. Here, Paz was looking for a corner to paint with natural light and moved it by the window. Pablo Sarabia Feminine and practical. This is the owner of this apartment, and thus María Salazar, the interior designer responsible for its reform and decoration, that was her home: communicated spaces where light flows freely, and pink and gray tones that give it that delicate and elegant point . Sofa by Nobilis. Coffee table, by María Salazar's studio. The carpet and poufs are from Ofelia Home & Decor. Pablo Sarabia

As a climax, lThe decoration was based on well-chosen pieces. “I always liked Kartell's stools. My mother gave them to me and Maria thought they would be the best option to provide lightness and not recharge the space. The lamp Arc In the classroom, my cousin showed it to me. We went to see her, I loved it and she wore it on, ”Paz laughs. Another gem is the beautiful glass lamp in the bedroom. "It was essential to place this piece", the interior designer tells us. "We made a pit to raise a roof area and thus avoid being too low. Also, we gave him a twist placing it on the bed. ” On the headboard wall, the leaflet of a woman with flowers is the perfect end point for a feminine and sophisticated house.

Exclusive pieces The bedroom has as a key, and indisputable, the ceiling lamp. “I bought it in an antiques dealer in Asturias, which has real wonders rescued from the homes of Indians. It is a mandatory stop every time we go there. ” Pablo Sarabia The bedroom closet was custom planned. "Paz told me how she would like to have it, how much space I needed for coats, how much for dresses, for folded clothes ... and I designed it according to her requests," explains the interior designer. Mesilla, from María Salazar's studio. Carpet and pouf, Ofelia Home & Decor. Cushions and plaid, by Pepe Peñalver. Pablo Sarabia Yes you can! Do not be afraid of prints or mix them with each other no matter how different they may be. The important thing is that they share a hue or that one of the motifs is over white ... Pablo Sarabia Flower Power Who said flowers are only for spring? Zinnias, marigolds, thoughts, chrysanthemums, daffodils and roses will put a touch of color this fall. In addition, its subtle aroma will flood every corner of your house. Pablo Sarabia Round mirrors are back in fashion. Without frame or with simple moldings in copper, silver, gold or black, they are perfect in small spaces, such as a bathroom or a dressing table corner. Pablo Sarabia In the bathroom, the focus is on the sink area, framed with a strip of marble on the wall and partly on the floor, which enhances it and adds dynamism. Marble, from Levantina. Mirror, by Leroy Merlin. Pablo Sarabia
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