Party garden: How to organize a garden party for kids

Party garden: How to organize a garden party for kids

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Delicious muffins and a meringue pie and lemon are the sweet protagonists of the afternoon. Present them in pretty pen holders or in a multi-story display.

Buy Pie with glass lid Arv Bröllop, from Ikea (€ 10)

Buy Exhibitor of decorated cardboard cakes, by Blaubloom (€ 15). Yellow cushions, by Maisons du Monde (from € 15.99 each).

Flag Garland

Romeo and India, the sons of @mamiandchic, don't mind blowing more candles than they are. Sitting on the porch they will have to aim hard or ask mom to help them! Integrating into the party is essential. Outdoor furniture in Mastholmen rattan.

Buy Lanterns of Ikea (€ 16).

Paper napkins (€ 4/30), long candles (€ 0.25 / 1) and floral headband (€ 9.80), from Blaubloom.

Top deco
Colored garlands are an essential element in any party, as well as artificial lighting, in case the evening lengthens and becomes night. Garland of flags, Blaubloom (€ 9). Solar hanging lamps (€ 9.99 / 1) and white shelving for plants, from Ikea.

Picnic bench

Between games and laughs, India has sat on a bench to rest. He has covered his head with a straw hat to avoid the sun while watering the garden plants and, incidentally, cools a little. Playing is so hot!

Buy Picnic Bench for Children Resö, (45 €).

Plants decorate any space, and in a garden, they should not be missing. The pots are also protected with turquoise metal buckets that give it a cheerful and fun touch. From Ikea:

Buy Bucket / pot Socker (from € 8)

Buy Sprayer Tomat (1,50 €).

Everything from IKEA.

Multicolored Vergel

A multicolored vergel: perennial and easy to care plants flood the garden with its cheerful color. Chrysanthemums or bluebells are your favorite.

Buy Plants (€ 2.99 / each) and Fuchsia watering can Ikea PS 2002 (€ 1.50); Everything from Ikea.

Wooden tray / display

How sweet! You can not miss sweets and sweets at the snack table. Their different shapes and colors and a fun presentation make them even more palatable. Wooden tray / display with sticks and pennants, from Blaubloom.

Glasses and bowls

Give them pleasure: when it comes to snack we go to the table! India is in that age when everything looks pink; Therefore, this party is the tone that triumphs.

From the collection Sommar 2018, from Ikea: tablecloth (€ 14.99), turquoise jug (€ 4.50) and bicolor ceramic cups and bowls (from € 2.50 / unit). Tray Spilltid (6,99 €).

Folding chair

The children do not stop still for a second. It is convenient to dedicate a more relaxed area that serves them
resting or hiding!

Folding chair Mysingsö (€ 29.99) and two-color umbrella Ramsö / Fiskö (€ 19.98), from Ikea. Raffia cushions, from Maisons du Monde. Treedays decorated trunk.

Relaxation area
A side table next to the hammocks will be good for a drink in the shade. And some long straws in the glasses will make it easier for them to drink inclined and prevent them from pouring the liquid on top. Lanterns for tea candle Sommar 2018 (€ 7.99), from Ikea. Paper cups (€ 4.50 / 12), from Blaubloom.

Giant flower

Part of the afternoon you can dedicate it to make crafts with paper: boats, bow ties or flowers will launch their most creative facet. Romeo rewards his mother with an XL flower as thanks for this wonderful party. Giant flower, from Blaubloom (€ 12.80).

Is there anything children like more than dressing up? Mermaid, princess, pirate or cowboy... theme parties give a lot of play. Romeo has dedicated to being a crawling cowboy. Me that you would not, stranger!

One of Indians
The tipis are ideal for inventing a thousand and one adventures in the garden or to take refuge inside in the purest Sitting bull style. Place some floor cushions and decorate the exterior with fun handmade wooden mobiles.

Buy Tipi Lilly, Easy to assemble, (€ 89.99), from Maisons du Monde.

Trunks decorated by Treedays.

Painted mobiles

Customize the porch: with jute rope, pieces of painted wood and pom poms you can make mobile originals. Use gauze or tulle fabrics at the entrance to protect them from the sun and insects. Mobile phones painted by Treedays.

Buy White Tules, from Ikea.

Giant pom poms

And use the sweets as decoration? Until the guests leave, put them in transparent bottles and hang them with colored ribbons in the garden.

Buy Ikea 365+ Bottles (€ 3/1), from Ikea. Giant Pompoms (€ 15/3), from Blaubloom.

Acknowledgments: @mamiandchic

Wreaths and feathers

Reading room: children who want can use the tent to read stories. The good thing about summer afternoons is that they are very long and give rise to many activities!

Buy Garlands and feathers, from Maisons du Monde.