The cactusmanía arrives to the decoration

The cactusmanía arrives to the decoration

They are fashionable, they are the most. Thorny but very appetizing. When something is a trend, we want it! So it's time to put a cactus in your life, either way. Here the natural is not abundant, moreover, we have selected articles related to this plant but that have nothing to do with the natural. They do not water but they will solve other needs.

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Do you like cacti? Well, after this gallery you will go back loc @. Photo by Primark.

Great packaging

With the label, this pillow simulates a cactus in its clay pot. Look in the following image how it is when you "unwrap it". (

A tea in the middle of the desert

And with all the design of this tea set by Gilberts. What fun!

Cactus without skewers

With colored wool, make these funny crochet cacti. To shape them, fill them with cotton and decorate them with tiny plastic flowers. They will seem real. Cardboard vase / teapot, from Federica & Co.

For correspondence

Envelopes organized on the console with this support for letters, from J-ME. (

Cacti are fashionable, because they are very ornamental plants and also easy to maintain.

But if you don't have a hand for the plants, you can opt for these artificial Sia cacti, which give the paste (€ 10.95 / 12 approx.).

On the desk

In your work corner there is also a hole for a cactus, in this case it is a cork organizer, ideal for driving pins. It's from Suck UK.

Wooden tray

A tea set in such a small chronological palette harmonizes with the wooden tray. A success, because the whole conveys serenity. From Kenay Home: tray (€ 29), kettle (€ 22), bowls (€ 7 each) and dishes (€ 15 each). Bamboo strainer, from El Almacén de Loza (€ 6). Wooden spoons, Tiger. Cactus, from Los Peñotes

Reflected in the cactus

Mirror with capi sliueta, from Decoloopio. (

Take note

Pen with funny cactus shapes, from Kuli-shop.

If you want a romantic and intimate lighting on the terrace, place candles between the plants.

From Point à la Ligne: cactus-shaped candles (€ 23 and € 50) and pots (€ 14.80 and € 23.80) and iron torches, to click on the ground (€ 9.90 and € 16.50) .


Exchange of spikes for light bulbs. Cactus shaped led lamp, by Sass & Belleh.

Thornless Cushion

Cushion cover with a colorful cactus print in red and green on a black background, by Highly One. (

Cactuses that do not prick

Lifelong crochet works are reinvented, giving shape to nice ornaments such as these colorful cacti. They are made and sold at VP Crochet from € 12 each, depending on their size, which can range between 15 cm and 25 cm. They also offer flirty flowers in the same line.

A fluffy pillow

Perfect for the sofa or to take a trip in the car. Cactus pillow, from Kikkerland.

For your mobile phone

SKS Distribution iPhone 5 case. (