Charming bedside tables

Charming bedside tables


- Measurements. The width of each bedside table will depend on the space available on both sides of the bed. In the case that it is mini, sharpen the ingenuity: lamps installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling and shelves and / or custom tables will be your allies.

- Other solutions: resort to the work niches and headboards whose design and thickness (about 7 cm) allow to be used as a shelf to leave the basics, such as the alarm clock, the mobile and a book. What is advised is that the height fits the bed. It is convenient to know what total height the mattress and mattress are and then, check that of the bedside table, to avoid surprises.

- Warehouse. The ability to store and good design are not at odds. The tables usually include one or two drawers, which will be better used with organizing trays, and a shelf, but there is nothing written. Of course, in those with an open structure, there are no secrets and order is a must.

Advertising - Keep reading under Bedside table with shelf in the envelope

All bedside tables must include drawers? It depends on what you need to have on hand from the bed. When they are books, a bedside table like this, with a shelf in the envelope, may be enough (€ 119). Your air factory form a good duo with the retro lamp, of IB Laursen (€ 69.80). Boxes, from House Doctor. Everything, in Car Möbel.

Mirror and jewelry box

The bedside tables accompany the bed, the most piece
visible from the bedroom, so it is impossible not to see them, and therefore, its design must add style to the environment, not subtract it. It is at stake that the bed is enhanced and gains presence or that its image is devalued. But they also fulfill a practical function: to have access to the basic objects for each person. Depending on them, a bedside table will be chosen, with some or other characteristics. Mirror (€ 29.90) and jewelry box (€ 7.90), by Rice.

Bedside table with chest of drawers

Of course, in those with an open structure, there are no secrets and order is a must. Tyssedal chest of drawers, from Ikea (€ 199).

Two drawer bedside table

The light wood and white are combined in this bedside table with two drawers, a piece that, by its look, is easy to combine with furniture of different styles. Above it, a total white lamp adds a design bonus. Side table Bamboo (€ 199); lamp Will be (€ 71.50) and headboard are from Kenay Home.

Bedside table with wheels

This model with two drawers has grown and has gained storage capacity, with an additional module, open, practical to leave the stories and small treasures, more use. Now, in addition, it is mobile, because wheels have been screwed. With charm, the alarm clock, the box and the box. Bedside table (€ 95); module (€ 36); flexo
(€ 49.90) and alarm clock (€ 13.90); from Car Möbel.

Iron table

Lounge side tables can also be moved to the bedroom. In this case, it is a bedside table that is part of a set of nest tables. Its refined design and black color harmonize with the lamp and linen textiles. A marble jeweler and a textured vase complete this corner with a game of chiaroscuro, 100% Nordic-inspired. Iron table (€ 430 / set of 3), lamp (€ 113.50) and bed linen, are from the firm Broste Copenhagen.

Marble envelope

In decoration, less is more. And so the marble envelope of this iron bedside can show off its beauty. The black lamp, with a golden brushstroke at its base, adds style to this sophisticated tandem, from Hübsch. Bedside table (€ 200); lamp (€ 150); and cushions (from € 60 each).

Bedside table with multipurpose bar

Take advantage of the walls, and at the same time, decorate them, it is possible, as shown here.
The bedside table, with drawer and shelf, is complemented by a multipurpose bar and ultra-thin shelves; Two versatile designs that do not recharge space. On the bedside table, alarm clock and water, two basics. Side table Trysil, from Ikea (€ 34.99).