A house with lots of light

A house with lots of light

Built in 1960, this house is located in Sant Quirze de Safaja, province of Barcelona, and the perfect destination to avoid daily stress and hustle and bustle. And precisely under that premise the rehabilitation of housing was conceived, carried out in 2014 by the architect Guillermo Maluenda, who since his study, Erithacus, directed the remodeling of the house. For this he equipped it with new insulators on the ceiling, floor and walls, and equipped it with a modern heating system; in addition, it conditioned the spaces always respecting the original structure, with large windows. The choice of ceramic coatings, which simulate wood slats, and the paint, toasted, guarantees luminosity. This feature allowed to include some focal points in black -like the front of the fireplace, the kitchen cabinets or the bathroom walls-, which break with the uniformity of the set.

The visual communication between the spaces - especially in the common areas - and the exterior defines the established decorative line. On the ground floor we opted for the fusion of environments, which are defined by their functions and by the presence of carpets. As for interior design, which was run by the decorator Marta Esteve, stands out for the selection of pieces and details always looking for contrast. The design of some key pieces, signed by the decorator, closes the circle of a commitment to eclecticism based on the rescue of architectural elements and original furniture from the 70s, in harmonious coexistence with designs of nordic style and more functional pieces. Surprisingly, the result of so much mixing is positive and gives us warm and welcoming spaces.

The first floor - where the bedrooms are located - looks much quieter, designed to provide rest for the owners and their guests, in a home for weekend and holiday getaways, perfect to enjoy throughout the year thanks to its correct conditioning.

Advertising - Keep reading below Original design library 70s

In the gathering space, the large rectangular windows framed by sober steel profiles stand out. A surprising decorative effect in contrast to simple furniture and the bookcase, an original design from the 70s. Coffee and side table, by Maisons du Monde. Carpet by Ikea.

Tailor made curtains

Two large windows allow the attractive fusion between interior and exterior and permanent visual communication between the living area and the garden. Ready made curtains to
measured with cotton cloth and basket, from La Maison. Tables, by Maisons du Monde. Carpet by Ikea

Black fireplace in the center of the room

The presence of the fireplace in the center of the room makes it a dividing element between the living area and the dining room, in addition to its primary function as a source of heat. Coffee table and auxiliaries, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions, by Jaime Bereistain and Filocolore. Lamps, table, Matter and floor lamp, by La Maison.

Braided Vegetable Fiber Lamp

Renewed fibers It takes the contrast of textures and finishes as a decorative base in eclectic environments. Thus, braided vegetable fiber alternates with steel as a singular proposal; A good example is this lamp by La Maison.

Wooden mural

The successful mix of styles can be seen in the dining room; highlights the wooden mural of the 70s, in harmony with a modern polished steel table, wicker chairs and an avant-garde lamp. A total success. Mesa, of La Espiga. Chairs, from Pilma. Cushions, from Zara Home.

Sliding glass door

Visual communication between environments is part of the decorative project; Thus, the kitchen joins the dining room through a large sliding glass door. It is the geometric carpet that defines the boundaries in the eating area.

Door designed by Marta Esteve. Dining table, La Espiga. Chairs, from Pilma. Kitchen furniture, from Ikea.

A design lamp

Lighting or decoration? Playing with the design of the lamps is a very imaginative and resulton decorative resource. Some models are true works of art worth contemplating even muted.

Outdoor dining room

Dare to mix styles. What we find daring inside the house, makes sense in the garden with spectacular results. This appetizing dining room alternates stone, wicker and color without complexes. Table and bench, La Espiga, chairs, for sale in Habitat and armchairs, by Natura Casa.

Kitchen cabinets finished in black

The large and square floor gave rise to a very spacious kitchen, with the free central area and the furniture around it forming a U. Kitchen cabinets finished in matt black, wooden table, stools, carpet and accessories, from Ikea. The ceiling lamp is from Maisons du Monde.

A tall cupboard front

In order not to overwhelm the environment with furniture to the ceiling, only one front was furnished with high cabinets, which visually cleared the rest of the kitchen. With this solution, a pantry and storage area for cleaning products was won. Ikea furniture, accessories and appliances.

Kitchen tray

In the kitchen cleaning is essential; Therefore, it is recommended to run away from multiple ornaments and utensils on the countertop. It is preferable to group them all in a tray that we can remove to clean.

Teapot finished in silver

The passion for detail. Do you adore those little pieces so flirtatious and romantic? Dare to expose them in certain chosen places and you will see how you enrich the final aspect of the environment.

Single bed equipped with cushions

The guest room was furnished with a single bed equipped with colored cushions as a sofa. Next to it, a desk is very useful as a workspace while there are no guests. Crest and chair, by Natura Casa. Ikea desk, flexo and carpet. Cushions, from La Maison, Natura Casa and Tierra Extraña

Chair in light wood

The warmest woods. If yours is the design and the current furniture, bet on them, but try to introduce pieces of light wood and natural fabrics, which reduce coldness with its warm contribution.

Bedroom in white and neutral tones

In the master bedroom, with simple and functional furniture, white and neutral tones prevail over
The warm wooden pavement. Armchair, floor lamp type flexo and curtains, from Ikea. Linens,
of Filocolore, Materia and Merc & Cia. Bedside rug, of Materia.

Headboard attached to the wall

With a successful distribution en suite, the master bedroom has a dressing area. To take advantage of the space or for its minimalist aesthetic, work furniture is an ideal option, especially in holiday homes. Here the headboard, attached to the wall, has the necessary depth to also do
The bedside tables.

Bathroom with current look

Look current, with slate-colored walls in contrast to the floor and the wooden furniture. Successful and attractive. Wallpaper and wall lamp, by La Maison.
Furniture designed by Marta Esteve. The mirror was purchased at Natura Casa.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- To take advantage of the space or because of its minimalist aesthetic, work furniture is an ideal option, especially in holiday homes. Here the headboard, attached to the wall, has the depth necessary to also act as a bedside table.
- In the bathroom We found a similar idea, but this time as a shelf under the window; a small space won that does not subtract useful meters and that is great as an extra storage area or, simply, to locate some seedlings or baskets with toiletries.