New airs for your kitchen

New airs for your kitchen

Get the most out of the kitchen space It is the main objective when considering its reform, either integral or partial. A correct distribution and the choice of plain furniture, of colors in which the appliances are integrated, will be the first steps that we will have to take.

The kitchen is a busy place and where we spend a lot of time, either in the kitchen, passing through or sitting at the table, so it is vital to choose comfortable touch materials and whose cleaning is not a nuisance. Bend over Stoneware and ceramic floors, tiled walls, lacquered furniture, stone or compact quartz countertops and appliances with anti-fingerprint finishes.

Leave the wallpaper or the stickers for areas of less use, such as the pantry or the office. Maximize storage space with drawers and cabinets, and use dividers in the drawers to maintain order. As for the sink, if you have enough space, place two breasts and use one of them as a drying area or to fill the mop bucket with water. Choose high spout and hose taps, which will facilitate the cleaning of large pieces of utensils. The need for a dining area is growing in the kitchen, keep it in mind in your renovation and, if you don't have enough space, place a simple breakfast bar.

Take advantage of the work to apply or improve a good thermal insulation in the windows. Remember that administrations help financially if the works are linked to better energy efficiency. Choose one thermostatic faucet and low flow to reduce water use; diversify points of light; Acquire low consumption appliances whose rating is A or higher and benefit from the renewal plans that affect both them and the boilers.

Advertising - Continue reading under Countertop in white resin and steel with organizer

In the countertop two fundamental areas of the kitchen are integrated: cooking and washing. What should you keep in mind when choosing it? The style, resistance and maintenance. The market offers you endless materials: quartz and resin, natural stone, solid wood, laminates, glass ... and thicknesses, the normal is 2 to 3 cm although the most modern designs range between 4 and 10 cm. How high should it be installed? For a person of medium height (1.50-1.70 m high), the ideal is to be placed 90 or 95 cm from the ground. Countertop Krion® in white resin and steel with integrated modular organizer, from Porcelanosa Group.

Lamp suspended on the table

The kitchen is not only a workplace, also for gatherings and meals, so each area must have different types of light. For the environmental one choose panels or fluorescent tubes; On the countertop, opt for spotlights or led rails under the cabinets, while on the office Ideally, a suspended lamp, centered on the table. Bell DA 6096, from Miele.

Brushed Nickel Pull

Choose them according to the style of your kitchen: the metallic ones give a modern touch, while those of wood and porcelain are more rustic. For security, avoid having protrusions. Shooter Kares, from Viefe, in brushed nickel; also available in gloss chrome and matt white finishes

In steel and white lacquer

Get a lot of warehouse space without being overwhelming with glass fronts. It is the proposal of the Bell House team, which designed this kitchen with Miele's Avant Garde furniture. In the same space, crystal fronts are combined with acid, with white lacquer and stainless steel. Furniture (price according to composition) and steel worktop. Bell Frecam and Gaggenau hob.

Appliances in sight

Concentrate the appliances in a front of the kitchen and leave them semi-hidden, camouflaged under a panel or in sight, like these ovens in column, Teka

Sober and design

Industrial air kitchens and straight lines are a good option for design lovers. In addition, the materials used are usually clean and very resistant. Here the black laminate, steel and glass predominate to lighten the front. A proposal from the Acanto team made with Santos furniture. Cristalite furniture and countertop. Siemens refrigerator.

Lacquered in red and white

If you like bright colors, choose lacquered doors for the kitchen; The result is very colorful. But it is convenient to alternate the stronger tones with other neutral ones so that it is not strident. Furniture model Atlantic Lacquer, by Veneta Cucine. The environment consists of DM doors with high gloss lacquers and shutter module.

Wooden shelving

Place airtight and transparent boats with legumes, condiments or pasta on the front line. Leave preserves and long-lasting products behind. Shelving, from Gamma Group.

Bottle cart

An auxiliary cart in a bright color is an option for those who do not want to risk living with a coating in a very intense tone. Legnoart signature cart, with three drawers and two bottle racks (€ 1,224 approx.).