Full of contrast, these are the 10 rooms that you should know

Full of contrast, these are the 10 rooms that you should know

Ultraviolet, olive green ... Ok, you know by heart the colors of this year, but ... you knew that too the rooms are filled with contrast? Check out our proposal and choose your favorite!

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The mustard color blends beautifully with the turquoise blue, especially if you choose a velvet armchair like this, to match the cushion!

Pinterest: Judith Sierra


If your living room walls are white: a fuchsia pink sofa with polka dot and striped cushions + a matching picture with the color gamut = contrast chic

Pinterest: Decorate A House

Blue intense

A blue so intense that it reminds of the deep sea needs a light wooden floor that generates contrast. And if you add details like a white marble table, it will be impressive!

Pinterest: Greta Bahnsen


If you turn dark colors and want to live a permanent summer, choose a wallpaper with exotic prints and combine it with pink and gold. There are styles for all tastes!

Pinterest: Nice Decorations

Dark green

If the background color is dark green, give it life by filling the living room with vivid details on the carpets, objects and art pieces.

Pinterest: Marcos Moreno

Mix styles

Styles, colors ... Dare with everything! Like this dining room that bets on eclecticism.

Pinterest: Melissa Chapman


The green background contrasts perfectly with a white wall where several works of art with natural motifs rest. To complete the look? The wooden sideboard and the puff. Great!

Pinterest: Francesca Reig


The cobalt blue velvet sofa creates a visual shock with the brick wall seen that we could not like more. And you?

Pinterest: Shawn Baise


Another way to create contrast is to use prints, such as this carpet with Dalmatian motifs immersed in a dark turquoise room.

Pinterest: Laurel Hund


And elegant! A mix of colors that gains character with the ceiling lamp while adding a transgressive point with the pictures on the wall.

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