How to recreate the decoration of the Mad Men series

How to recreate the decoration of the Mad Men series

This North American series, produced by Matthew Weiner, premiered on July 19, 2007 on the AMC cable channel. Title, Mad Men, It refers to the expression with which the American publicists who worked on Madison Avenue called themselves. The series reflects the ambitious, competitive and stressful world of the 60's publicists through Don draper (played by Jon Hamm), an ingenious creative director with a murky past to hide.

Throughout its seven seasons, Mad men It leads us through the main social changes that took place in the 60s: the difficulty of incorporating women into work (we must see what we suffer with Peggy Olson, interpreted by Elisabeth Moss, when we live with her her unexpected pregnancy and the resignation of her son to keep her job opportunity), racism (remember that chapter in which having an African-American receptionist becomes a real scandal?) , sexism (how to forget that one of the advertising contracts includes a night of passion with the explosive Joan, head of secretaries (played by Christina Hendricks), who demands to be a member of the company after her "little sacrifice") or the emergence of the counterculture, with a high position as Roger Sterling (partner of Sterling & Cooperand founding partner of Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce) lost in his hallucinogenic visions, played by John Slattery.

The cast is completed with a magnificent squad of secondary characters: Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse), Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser), Kenneth Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) ... Without forgetting the list of lovers and successive wives of Draper, to whom the scriptwriters did not grant precisely the gift of fidelity: the sweet Anna (Melinda Page), with a key role in Don's dark plot, the Conventional and dissatisfied persistent Betty (January Jones) and the last (for the moment) Megan Calvet, the attractive secretary played by Jessica Paré.

Mad men accumulates an impressive list of awards: Golden Globe 2010 for best drama-series, British Academy Television Awards 2010 for best international series, 2011 Emmy Award for best drama series, TCA (Television Critics Association) Award 2011 for best drama, WGA 2011 for the best drama series ... The protagonist Jonathan Daniel Hamm (best known among moviegoers like Jon Hamm and among Mad Men fans as Don Draper) in 2008 he won the Golden Globe for best actor in a dramatic series and in 2011 the TCA Award for best individual achievement in drama. Not to mention specialized awards, such as Primetime Emmy for the best photography for a series (2008) or for the best casting (2011). In fact, the Writers Guild Association has awarded him seventh place in the list of the 101 best written series in history for television.

Unconditional fans of Mad Men, We recreate the decoration of the 60s through pieces that are a nod to the spirit, the script and the atmosphere of a series that is already mythical.

Advertising - Keep reading below The series

Although the main plot of Mad Men is developed in the advertising agencies Sterling Cooper, later transformed into Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (it almost takes a stop in the middle to breathe) and later in Sterling Cooper & Partners, the script is a true reflection of the changes experienced by the American society in the decade of the 60s. Its paused rhythm in some occasions and the intentional prolongation of the silences differentiate it from the trepidant emissions in action. The complexity of its characters, impossible to classify as good or bad, is the main attraction of a series, for many, of worship.

Vintage carpet

Give it a touch vintage to your room with this carpet inspired by the series. On sale on eBay.

The Sterling Cooper Thermos

Drink coffee wherever you want with this Sterling Cooper thermos, sold on eBay.

The Price Waterhouse briefcase

There is nothing more elegant than going to the office with this leather briefcase from Price Waterhouse. You will find it on eBay.

Don Draper's cardholder

Do you want to be part of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce squad? Then, this cardholder (for sale on eBay) will be essential in your pocket.

The entire seasons

Is there a better plan for a Sunday than lying on the couch and hitting a marathon of your favorite series? Now, eBay has released a pack with all seasons of Mad Men, so that nostalgia invades your home.

The sideboard of the trousseau

Essential in every house of the 60s that boasts of being it. If not, where are you going to store dishes, glassware and other wedding gifts? Trudy (played by Alison Brie), wife of the account executive Petter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser), exemplifies the ideal of the "good wife": housewife, cook, mother, psychoanalyst of her partner ... But even perfection It has a limit. This design of Maisons du Monde, with diagonal legs and double sliding door, recreates the aesthetics of the 60s.

The psychiatrist's couch

How many sessions we have shared with poor Betty Draper ... Lying on the couch, trying to convince herself that her marriage to Don is a success as she depresses her to the bottom. And how bad the psychiatrist falls for us, first because of its inefficiency - it is necessary to be a specialist to sit in an armchair and take note in a notebook without opening his mouth? - and then for revealing point to point to the husband what Betty tells of he, dynamiting professional secrecy scandalously. If you feel like lying down, this sofa bed is perfect to enjoy the next season of Mad Men in horizontal, so comfortable. It is Maisons du Monde.

On the coffee table

The group of wives of Mad Men - a hard core, by the way - reflects the oppressive feminine social reality of the time. Issues as thorny as adultery, divorce or the need to belong to the social circle are revealed, chapter by chapter, in a politically correct scenario, around a coffee served on impeccable coffee tables. Like these, with three legs that sharpen when they reach the end - a characteristic of the designs vintage- with bamboo structure and black envelope. From Bloomingville, are sold as a couple.

The radio of those endearing years

Well, it doesn't really emit, but we love that the side table Sixties, from The goose, Be inspired by radio devices - because of their size, they were very showy - from the 60s. And how many advertising campaigns had to invent the creators of the Sterling & Cooper agency to make ads on the waves ...

Residence of the Draper ...

If Don and Betty Draper's kitchen phone speaks, what would he tell us! And not only him, also the public telephones of the bars from which one thousand and one calls are made in search of clandestine appointments. This model is inspired by the typical wall designs of the 60s. Have you noticed the detail of the slots for each type of coin? Look for it in Maisons du Monde.

Sixties armchair

It could be in the living room of the house of Don and Betty Draper, in the apartment of the redhead Joanny or in the waiting room of the advertising agency Sterling & Cooper ... With its narrow circular legs, capitoné backrest and solid armrests, it is about of a real model vintage restored by Jaime Beriestain

The drama, in the middle of the light

The lighting of the Mad Men series is key to generating tension in the most dramatic moments. Don's return home after his infidelities causes the viewer to hold his breath. The scorned wife waits in the kitchen, the children sleep and a veiled illumination envelops the scene. Betty leaves, close-up of Don's expression and sweeping the camera towards the empty chair, lit in the middle of the gloom ... This lamp with a green glass shade could be, perfectly, that of a office from the 60s. You will find it in

Today's vintage radio

If you are also a radio-addict, you can recreate the style of the Mad Men series at home with these sixties style designs that will keep you up to date with what is happening every minute. They are the Dolce model, from The goose.

The bar cabinet

It was synonymous with middle class in the 60s, but in the case of Mad Men, it was a real necessity. Has anyone ever counted the number of bottles that appear in the series? The model Mr. of the firm Wewood, It has the front decorated in spikelet and an interior with drawers and shelves for storing glasses, spirits ... Although if you are more than beers and soda cans, you can also use it as a desk in your work area.

Those little glasses, Don Draper ...

Don Draper and everyone else. If at home they had bar furniture, at work the team in the middle of the agency left the bottle and glass anywhere by hand: the bosses, on a tray by the window, and the others, in the chest of drawers. Each chapter of Mad Men causes an irrational desire to put a glass, even if it is a soda Light. To recreate the series, the collection Avenue, from Good views, It includes tall, low glasses, glasses, whiskey jar and bucket. And our tribute to Mad Men compulsive drinkers: a bottle of Bourbon Wild Turkey, a brand that has been accompanying the lonely drinkers of North America for 150 years.

The office sofa in the agency

Uh! What that sofa has seen ... Passionate romances, drunkenness with their corresponding hangovers and many, many hours of meditation by a tormented Don Draper who, when he lies down, invents advertising slogans much better. The model sofa Nocturnes, from Roche Bobois, It is very similar to the Mad Men agency, gray and with capitoné cushions on the back.

The flexo lamp of the creatives

Under his beam of light we have seen Peggy Olson and his companion, illustrator Paul Kinsey (played by Michael Gladis) work countless times. If we have learned something from the Mad Men series, it is that the US work schedule in the 1960s simply did not exist: sleepless nights, weekends and holidays worked tirelessly. The flexo Cobra, of the firm Gubi, reminds us of the lamps with which the protagonists of the series were literally left sight.

Two essentials in the agency

These two canvases, of Maisons du Monde, they remember two key elements in the successive advertising agencies of Don Draper. The typewriter, with its unstoppable typing between the secretaries and the creatives of the agency. And the television, an advertising discovery to reach more and better consumers.

The phone sparks

Its sound accompanies the busy activity of the agencies. Bakelite, black at the beginning and in color as the seasons progress, thanks to them we have learned about Don Draper's past and the most interesting plots of the series. These are from Benetton

Smoking and smoking

Tobacco is so present in Mad Men that it could well be another protagonist. The Lucky Strike brand is its best advertising client, but in addition the characters of the series smoke in such a way that some scenes are rolled in smoke. To today's viewers, trained in the ban on indoor smoking, we get the creeps when we attend the typical smoking of the 60s: Betty Draper pregnant and with the cigar in hand, doctors passing consultation while smoking ... Ashtray with the symbol of "prohibited smoking" stamped, of + D2.