15 tricks to fix the flowers

15 tricks to fix the flowers

Floral details can give the home many styles, what will be yours? Here are some tips, ideas and tricks on how to decorate with flowers. Jessica Marshall, owner of Miss Daisy Floral Design Studio in Las Vegas and New York reveals floral secrets decorating your home looks more flowery and beautiful.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Cut the stems

At an angle of 45º to 2 centimeters from the bottom. This act increases the possibility of water intake by plants that will be much more hydrated.

2 Use a cup like a vase

Do not throw flowers with very short stems. Instead, display them in a cup of tea. Keep the stems all together using a hair bow, which will also make it easier to change the water. In the image: Pink buttercup, lavender, wild flowers and muscari.

3 How to open the buds

After cutting the flower stalks, put them in a glass full of hot water. After 1 minute, move the flowers to a vase full of cold water and leave them for 20 minutes. The flowers will open to the fullest. In the photo: pink peonies.

4 Keep your flowers fresh with this concoction

Before putting your flowers in a vase, add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of white sugar, as this mixture will delay wilting. When your flowers eventually begin to die, add other droplets of vodka and the stems may be straight again for a day or two. In the photo: orange tulips.

5 succulent plants in dessert bowls

Dessert bowls are elegant vases for succulent plants. Simply fill them to the brim with dirt, moisten the soil with tap water and place the plants on top. Over time, roots will begin to grow. All you have to do is, once a week, spray them with the sprayer until the soil is wet.

6 Water the orchid with an ice cube

Since it is the perfect amount for the plant to be hydrated. First, replant your orchid in a vase using potting soil and then water it with an ice cube a week. For larger orchids, use two ice cubes a week. The ice cube melts slowly and gives the orchid a slow drip of hydration so the plant will not drown!

7 Keep the flowers in place

When using a shallow vase it is convenient to make a grid with transparent adhesive tape to keep the flowers straight. Once the grid is made, insert the flowers of medium size in the inner zone and, the small ones, in the outside. In the photo: blue hydrangea, purple lisianthus, scabiosa pods, lavender and lattice.

8 Stack a vase inside a vase with sliced ​​fruit inside

Get a vase that fits inside another leaving between them about 4 centimeters. Fill the gap between the vases with water and then with slices of lemons (9 lemons have been used in the image). In the picture, a dozen sunflowers.

9 Dry the flowers by hanging them upside down

Whether a crown or a bouquet you want to keep, the best way to dry the flowers is to tie the ends of the stems with a ribbon and hang them on a nail in the corner of a frame. They will also serve as decoration. In the photo: a wreath of flowers by Crowns by Christy.

10 Put a coin in the vase to keep the flowers fresher

Coin copper works as an acid regulator that helps prevent fungi or bacteria from growing. Note: look for coins minted before 1982, as they contain more copper and will keep your flowers in perfect condition for more days. In the photo: Scabiosa scabiosa pods and flowers.

11 Darker flowers for neutral spaces

If you want to create a unisex floral arrangement use darker flowers, such as black coves, pods, scabiosa, viburnum berries, or thistle that we see in this photo. They will be beautiful in a beautiful vase to look beautiful in a beautiful vase in birch wood.

12 How to easily pluck rose petals

The best way to separate the petal from a rose without spoiling it is to gently twist it. For a fabulous bath, place the petals in a bathtub full of warm water and add moisturizing oil to your skin. The magnificent flowers will improve your mood in an instant!

13 A rainbow bouquet

The trick to designing a rainbow bouquet is to first organize the flowers by color; Cut the stems at an angle and then place each stem in the vase. Make sure you enter the largest flowers first, followed by the medium ones and, finally, the smaller flowers. In the photo: black coves, purple lisianthus, blue thistle, blue hydrangea, green trick carnation, scabiosa pods, sunflower, yellow buttercup, orange roses, orange tulips, red lattice, roses, pink buttercup and light pink peony.

14 A bouquet of roses turned

To create a bouquet of roses with crisscrossed stems you have to place the first stem in the vase and then place the next cross over the previous one and so on until the vase is full.

15 Style a glass vase

It is as easy as placing a rope, ribbon or branch around. An example? The rope of the photo put in the form of "X".