Start from scratch: An old farmhouse rehabilitated

Start from scratch: An old farmhouse rehabilitated

An old farmhouse located in the province of Málaga It has become a beautiful country house thanks to the conscientious reform carried out by their owners, the couple of artisans formed by Sian and Manuel Huertas.

The House of two plants It keeps all its charm. In the lower one is the living-dining room, with views of the countryside, the kitchen and the studio where Sian teaches traditional spinning and dyeing courses. A staircase leads to the upper floor where the bedrooms and bathrooms were arranged. The integral reform respected the architectural characteristics of this type of houses. The I watched, badly damaged by woodworm, a new mud soil and all the doors and windows were renovated following the aesthetics of the area.

As for the decoration, the different origins of their owners, the British one of her and the Andalusian of him, were mixed with tino, with which the result is a country-rustic style Very good avenue. The old pieces of English factory marry perfectly with new custom-made furniture, folk crafts and cheerful textiles. All this has made this harmonious, cozy and dynamic home possible, in full harmony with nature.


The comprehensive reform maintained the rustic spirit of the house, either recovering items or renewing them. We see it on the ceiling beams, on the mud floor, in the shutters, on the white walls or on the fireplace from the kitchen. The whole family actively participated in the restoration, plumbing, air conditioning and joinery work. Proof of this is that some of the furniture bears his personal seal, such as the dining room table or the wooden stools.

The old niches were respected that existed in the house, now converted into a showcase, that of the kitchen, and a wardrobe in sight or relax corner, those of the master bedroom. The wood in light tones contrasts with the bright colors of textiles. The Christmas It is present but without stridency. An olive tree next to the fireplace, instead of the traditional fir tree, delicate ornaments, candles and garlands of lights, both in the kitchen and at the head of the bed, announce that the holidays are coming.

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This pleasant corner equipped with rustic furniture is part of the spacious living room located on the ground floor. Highlights include the restoration work of the beams on the ceilings and the new natural mud pavement. Behind the door you access the kitchen located on a higher level. Carpet by Ikea. Metal candlesticks and letters, from Masol.

Rectangular table

Simple light wood furniture are the protagonists of the dining room in which he presides over a generous rectangular table, made with an elm cut and brought from England, and with industrial legs. Its author is the sculptor Manuel Huertas, owner of the house. In the background, an antique display cabinet with Christmas decorations stores the dishes and displays, behind the glass, the most delicate pieces. Tablecloth, from Lexington. Ceiling lamp, from Kankana Import. Chairs acquired in England.

Warm be

A thick pillar and a capitoné sofa are the elements that separate the dining room from the living room. Life in the latter revolves around the fireplace, which brings an extra warmth to the cozy atmosphere. Next to her the Christmas tree was placed. Blankets and cushions in full color rest on the two armchairs, to match the sofa. Rustic sidewalks are the work of the owners' son.

Cushions and blankets

Cushions and blankets, from Lexington. Carpet by Ikea. Iron chimney, from Jotul.

Andalusian style

The kitchen recovered the large fireplace, decorated with crafts and a garland of lights. The L-shaped piece of furniture, made by Juan Antonio Martín Verdugo, integrates cabinets, cooking area and a showcase. In the center, an antique piece of furniture serves as an island and side table. Wooden cabinets, from Carpentry Al Andalus.

Room with views

On one side of the dining room stands out the large window through which you access the terrace. Standing, sitting on the chairs or on the sofa arranged at the bottom, you can see the vastness of the countryside through the windows or looking out.

Wooden shutters

The enclosure, like the rest of the windows of the house, has wooden shutters that protect from the cold and sift the light. White sofa, by Ikea. Floor lamp acquired in England.

Lamp with fan

The master bedroom is simply decorated: the bed, a dresser and a restored capiton armchair are your only furniture. The bedding puts the cheerful note with its paintings and flowers risen. On the ceiling, a lamp with fan, which is appreciated in summer. Textiles, from Lexington.