I invite you to my party!

I invite you to my party!

If you want you party Be a success, plan it with time. The last are the thematic meetings: vintage Hawaiians, inspired by a specific decade (the 50s, the happy 80s ...). Having a thread will make it easier for you to set it up, and your guests will spend a fun evening dressed up as characters ad hoc With the subject. If the party goes on at night, place luminous garlands and lanterns with candles: when it gets dark, the lighting will add an intimate touch that will fill the event with magic.

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To enhance the festive atmosphere, cover the table with a long tablecloth that hides the structure. Place paper lanterns and wall-to-wall garlands, and turn to a colorful utensil that conveys joy. From Butlers: chairs Calypso (€ 120 each), garland Happy birthday (€ 6.99), paper crockery and bottles.

A wedding souvenir

The photocall

Your guests will feel like celebrities if they pose on a fun background and take an individual or group photo. The Risbox company customizes the photocall to your liking and gives you the snapshots with copies for your friends.

Photo booth

Each guest can choose the format and color of their snapshot. Risbox includes a fun dare - on the right - and the possibility to personalize the photos with the date of the party or your name.

Albums 2.0

Fun ideas for network fans

- Risbox has packages for weddings, baptisms and events in which all the images of the party come together in a personalized album and on a CD for you. These same photos are passed to a website, with a security password, which you and your guests can access to download the images you like.
- The Socialbox part of a up to default for you When your guests take pictures with their mobile, they can share them on the networks using that hastag. Risbox will print two copies of the image, one for you and one for the author of the snapshot. And, if you want, the photos can be projected on a large screen.

- If you prefer a paper souvenir, Risbox produces a 50-page magazine, in the style of the heart, with cover, statements and photos of your party. Another option is the Flipbox: a 5-minute video is recorded to the guests. Each frame is printed and those photos form a mini book; by quickly passing their leaves, they recover movement.

A vintage van

A special anniversary, your birthday, your best friend's bridal shower, a wedding ... If you want to make a spectacular ticket, or simply indicate in an original way in which portal the party is, Alquilofurgo puts at your disposal this van vintage in a striking fuchsia finish. The possibilities are diverse. The most common, the wedding pack, is that a driver moves six people - with champagne tasting - from a specific address, for example, the bride's house, to the place of the ceremony. From there it takes them to the point where the brand new spouses will hold the photo shoot. And, once finished, it will lead you to the banquet. But if you prefer to adapt the service to your party, you just have to consult them.

On wheels

The date, in the countryside

Is the party on your plot or in the village house? The van vintage it can be the perfect background for a photocall funny. Decorate it with wild flower bouquets and prepare baskets and straw hats for your guests to pose with them.

Peace and love

Take advantage of the design of the van with a meeting whose leitmotiv Be the hippy movement. Prepare a banner with the phrase Make Love, Not War and cut out the peace symbol on cardboard. Get long hair wigs and floral scarves to tie around the forehead. You will see what success!

The menu, with one hand

When planning the meal, keep in mind that most guests will have a busy hand with the drink. Prepare snacks that are taken with a pair of fingers, recipes that can be divided into small pieces and cold soups served in small cups. Stackable glass fountains, with foot (from € 29.90). From Villeroy & Boch.

Swayed by the breeze

The ornaments made with paper give a festive air. Being light, they can be placed suspended from the ceiling, between two trees or, as in this case, under an umbrella. Choose models that harmonize with the tones of the decoration, but alternate ornaments only in two colors so as not to recharge the environment. You will find them in Ikea and Tiger.

Always cold drinks

Calculate how many bottles and cans you need, and free up space in the fridge to fit a day before the party. When your guests arrive, place them in a bowl between ice cubes. In addition to keeping them at an optimal temperature, your vision will be as refreshing as it is decorative. Similar residents in Howards Storage World.