How to clean your house in minutes if unexpected visits occur

How to clean your house in minutes if unexpected visits occur

"Hi, how are you? I'm in your neighborhood and I had thought about seeing you. I get to your house in ten minutes. Until now!" Who has not received such a call just the day when your house is more messy and dirty? When you hang up, you look around and begin to remember everything you said you would do and never did because you found better (and much less productive) ways to hang out. But, there is no time for regrets: you have 10 minutes ahead to make your home look like clean and orderly. And we highlight the "seem" because, let's be honest, miracles do not exist and thorough cleaning is unthinkable at this time. Follow the advice of the order gurus on YouTube Millennial moms, Vasseur Beauty Y Love meg and, above all, do not panic.



The first thing to do is open the windows and light aromatic candles throughout the house so that the possible bad smells disappear. Once you have done this, take a bucket and put in it everything you need to avoid wasting time going and looking for products. Having a timer will help you keep in mind the time you have left and manage it better.


Do not waste time in areas that you know your visits are not going to step on. Focus on the living room, bathroom and kitchen, especially if you have an open ... Do not forget the entrance (the first impression is what counts).



The typical plastic baskets that are usually used in washing areas will be your most precious asset in these moments of panic. Take them and put in them everything that should not be in sight: clothes, shoes, toys, magazines, those brochures that you said you would throw and are still on the sideboard ... Once they are full, hide them in closets or in rooms that are not going to see. If you have a door that you can lock and open from the outside, lock it and reduce the risk of turning the knob and finding a mountain of baskets full. Another alternative is to take opaque boxes with a lid that can be stacked or hidden all in the folding sofa, in a trunk or in the storage space under the chaise longue from your sofa


Once you have removed everything that should not be visible, touch an express cleaning. With a duster, remove the dust from the low furniture (that high shelf is not going to be seen, do not waste time) and focus on the darker ones, since in the whites you see less dust motes. The coffee table will be one of the surfaces that will receive the most attention from your visit, so you have to make sure it is clean and in order. If you have not spent many minutes, take the vacuum and quickly run it through the carpet (this is the moment when you will be happy if you have one of those vertical vacuum cleaners that do not need cable). Finally, place the cushions and blankets you have on the couch. All perfect? Let's move on to the next stay ...



Your visits will be in this room alone and with the door closed, so it is essential that it be clean and tidy. The youtuber millennial mom clean the sink by putting soap on your hands, running them through it, rinsing and drying with a towel. For the toilet use wet wipes on the outside and the seat and rub with the brush and a specific product inside.


Why leave this stay last? Because it is where you can entertain yourself more by cleaning and noticing the pressure of the time that ends will make you act more quickly and functionally. If you have a dishwasher, put all the dirty dishes in it. If not, choose to put them in a basket and hide them (to great evils, great remedies). With the countertop cleared, pass a damp cloth and dry it. Order the cloths and, if you have time, sweep the floor (your visits will be fixed more on the countertop than on the floor, so it is better to prioritize the first one).



Put on some music, take off the pajamas / tracksuit / promotional shirt you are wearing, dress up with something a little more neat and open the door with your best smile. Congratulations! Mission accomplished.