The blue prince exists ... And it's a sofa!

The blue prince exists ... And it's a sofa!

In this life you have to try everything, you know, climb Everest, travel to Mars, look for Atlantis ... Well, maybe you don't have to reach that much, but what is clear is that your home life should be full of fun and comfortable experiences... in the best company!

And as we know that the living room is your house fetish room, let's show you 8 sofas from IKEA with 10 years warranty that will adapt to all the moments that as an independent earthling you will end up living sooner or later. Many of them with solid wood structures (Come on, they're as robust as an Olympic weightlifter), and with removable and machine washable covers (so you don't worry about the dreaded spots).

Also, sure Here you find the design that best suits your needs, because it looks like the assortment is wide ... Corner, chaise longue, sofa bed, with storage, bigger, smaller ... Let's start?


A glass of wine, your favorite album of The Cure, and a few cuddles deserve a very wide sofa in which you are so comfortable, and in that Kivik He is expert! Its seats, as deep as fluffy, are covered by a layer of viscoelastic foam that will adapt to your bodies with the same delicacy as the first looks (how poetic, huh?). Also, being so big and having the low armrests you can lie down quietly, and even change the chaise longue from left to right. Come on, you will run out of excuses to leave home (nor need they do), and all for € 599 in IKEA (the 3-seater model with chaise longue).


If Netflix knew how much you love him… And it is that those weekends by his side, in the heat of the blanket, are priceless! Same as this series sofa NORSBORG with pockets on the armrest, where you can keep the television controls! Further, as it has slightly higher arms, it is ideal for snuggling in the corner of the sofa, and being made of high density foam and solid wood legs, you can spend the hours you want with him because as soon as you get up you will recover the form. Come on, that will keep the guy in condition, and if not, that's what the 10 year warranty.

You want it? Well, you have it for € 399 at IKEA.


There is nothing like sitting down to read your favorite novel and knowing that nobody will interrupt you for the next two hours (at least). But for the experience to be round, the sofa STOCKSUND will conquer you for its extreme comfort thanks to its thick pocket spring cushions, covered by a top layer of foam and polyester fibers, making the reading all will come to you that neither painted, because besides having some deep-seated seats, is made with the best viscoelastic foam, which means he will resist the big night like a champion. And how its cushions with hidden zippers are reversible, If a glass falls, turn it over and ... fixed! Of course, the day after the washing machine, because all covers are removable and machine washable! Do you like it with 6 seats and chaise longue like the one we show you in the photo? Well you have it for € 1,489, and you can buy it online or at any of the physical stores of IKEA.


Sunday is coming and with him, your mother-in-law's visit ... But if you have a sofa EKTORP, you can spend the rest of the week as a Buddhist monk, come on, in total calm. And as soon as you try the fluffy seats, and the back cushions filled with polyester fibers, you won't want to get out of there! Although, now that we think about it, that may not be so good ... But you joking apart, you will conquer it even more if you choose a cover in your favorite color, which you can put on and take off as you like, since they can be removed and put in the washer without problem. What do you think of the 3-seater sofa you see in the photo? It costs € 269 at IKEA, and there are other models with more or less seats!


There is always a friend who comes to visit and needs accommodation, and for those occasions there is nothing like the sofa bed VALLENTUNA. Its modular structure will allow you to design the sofa to your liking, and whenever you want, it will become a bed! Further, includes a storage space ideal for storing sheets, and their long-lasting bagged springs They will give you the comfort you deserve. The image model costs € 860.


Whether your children or your nephews, at some point you will feel the burden of a child assault squad on your sofa, and for that, what do you need? Indeed, it is large and resistant enough to cushion the effects of its arrival. That is why we are going to take out the heavy artillery and introduce you to FÄRLOV, a Nordic warrior with a 10-year guarantee (let's see which couple offers you the same), made with bagged springs, solid wood legs and dress with top quality fabrics, removable and machine washable. his high back and its lumbar cushions They will keep you protected at all times, and it only costs € 599 (with two seats).


If, when the weekend comes, you feel like zamparte a pizza or a giant hamburger (with or without company), welcome to the club! But of course, it is not the same to do it in a rigid chair in any way, than in a warm sofa while you enjoy the last chapter of Younger. So take note, because the sofa NOCKEBY will welcome you among its pocket spring core cushionsAnd if you get a stain, don't panic! Because The cover is removable and machine washable (in addition to soft to the touch). If you choose the model of the photo (with 3 seats and chaise longue), you will enjoy plenty of space to throw yourself into the bartola, and for € 899!

Did you crave more sofas? No problem, we understand. Enter IKEA and choose as you like ...