This is how the smart pot that irrigates plants works for you

This is how the smart pot that irrigates plants works for you


In the field of inventions, nothing is written. We already knew a lot of methods to water our plants while we were not at home. Now, a "smart" pot is intended to help us when we are and when we are not.

This pot irrigates the plants automatically while measuring and analyzing the crucial parameters for their growth.

Not only does it automatically water the plant, but it regulates its consumption when you are not at home and also gives you advice to take care of it.

In addition, you can connect the system to your smartphone via Bluetooth to visualize and take care of your plant through its application.

Its functions will make your plants stay perfect without having to worry about whether you watered them or not.

For example, you can set the pace of automatic watering and the humidity level of your plant through the application, regulate the consumption of the water reserve to guarantee it for up to a month.

In addition, the system measures in real time the essential information for the good health of plants: humidity, fertilizer you need, temperature and light.

It's about the pot Parrot Pot and the application Parrot Flower Power, with a botanical encyclopedia of more than 8,000 species. Parrot Smart Pot Parrot 89,99 € Buy

Your plants will no longer agonize!

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