Ideas to turn a piece into a treasure

Ideas to turn a piece into a treasure

Advertising - Keep reading below Before: A CD organizer

A wooden shelf for CDs can still be very useful.

Photo: Claire a Belle Makes

After: A plant stand

Turn the electronic support with a little paint into a new element of the patio.

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Before: A can of soda

Do not recycle yet. It has more aesthetic potential than you think.

Photo: Purple huse and me

After: An artistic mural

Some cutting, carving and painting turned this empty can into framed petals and flower stalks.

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Before: A broom of bristles

The texture of the straw and the neutral coloring make it a great decorative element for a decoration environment

After: A desktop organizer

This pencil holder is more practical than inspiring.

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Before: A knife holder

This kitchen object is perfect to turn it into art.

Photo: Refresh Living

After: A thread holder

The threads you use the most will always be at hand in this DIY organizer. With a layer of bright paint, you will add a creative touch to your space.

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Before: An old tire

Yes, even this piece of rubber can find a place at home that is not the garage.

Photo: Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups

After: A pot

Surely you will have seen these pots. This DIY transforms the structure into something truly unrecognizable.

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Before: A cake mold

After years of birthdays, cake molds have changed. But that is not the reason to get rid of them.

After: Multi-storey fruit bowl

Before you bake with them again, consider creating a vintage-style fruit bowl like this.

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Before: An antique living room furniture

Even if you're ready for your new furniture, don't leave the old one on the sidewalk yet.

Photo: Southern Revivals

After: A toy kitchen

Instead, create a toy kitchen space for your children. A much more special model than you could find in any store.

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Before: The drawers of an old dresser

This blog shows that the deconstruction of a piece is the best thing you can do.

Photo: Two it yourself

After: A storage module for the bedroom

One of the dresser drawers became more storage space to store pillows, books or even children's toys, at the foot of the bed. The other half became an elegant console.

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Before: A support for fishing rods

This small object has practical slots that you should not lose sight of.
Photo: Madigan Made

After: A sunglasses storage stand

In pastel tones and with a 'girlie' touch, these samples that were intended to hold fishing implements are also perfect for sunglasses.

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Before: Skirting boards

Placing the new skirting boards in your living room? Brakes before throwing what is left over.

Photo: Home Made by Carmona

After: A holder for kitchen utensils

Combined, all those useless pieces are now a support for your utensils.

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Before: A television stand

Even the children of the 90s will remember this retro television stand. Today's flat screens do not require such a large piece.

Photo: K's Craft Shack

After: A bed for the dog

Give your little dog a little privacy with a cozy fortress like this one. Complete it with a set of matching curtains and pillows.

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Before: A candle holder

Surely you are not using this piece as much as you thought in your day that you would ...

Photo: Dwell beautiful

After: A bath jar

This blogguer has reinvented the accessory making it a place to store cotton, sticking a handle on the lid for easy access.

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