26 DIY ideas for a very merry Christmas

26 DIY ideas for a very merry Christmas

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Paint a pretty tree with green paint on a wooden board (you can find one like this one on eBay) and decorate it with colored pompoms.

Photo: David Hillegas

A tree made with cookie boxes

Stack the cookie boxes from larger to smaller, then add a thin garland with candy or cookies. And that's it.

Photo: David Hillegas

A very Christmas tomato

This gardening tool has suffered a great makeover. They have only had to change the tomatoes for decorations and Christmas balls, yes, bright and, of course, red.

Photo: David Hillegas

A tree made of scarves

Use pushpins to secure all green (and brown trunk) scarves to the wall or cork, so you don't have to regret the idea.

Photo: David Hillegas

A skirt for the Christmas tree

This idea will make you take out those fabrics that are taking dust in the closet. You only need two different and matching colors. To see the instructions you just have to visit CountryLiving.

Photo: Studio D

Paper gift packages

If you want to be proud of your gifts, the packaging is essential. Create a paper package with different shapes (stars or socks for example), you just need to cut the two parts and sew them with a contrasting thread.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

Calendar of a (d) ventura

This advent calendar is very original, perfect to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit.

Step 1: Draw the outline of a tree on a perforated plate like this. Then put bodybuilder tape around and then fill the interior with green paint.

Step 2: Use green thread to fill the tree. Sew it through the holes and don't forget to secure it in the back with a knot.

Step 3: Use cardboard to create circles of different sizes and colors.

Step 4: Paint the numbers (from 1 to 25) in the circles, then write activities to do at Christmas.

Step 5: Hang the circles on the thread with small tweezers.

Step 6: Cut out three yellow stars and different sizes. Then paste them from highest to lowest and add this complement to the tree.

Photo: David Hillegas

From lights to bright ornaments

We have transformed some old lights into festive ornaments. You just have to put a little glue and fill the glitter bulbs, let it dry for 15 minutes. Then, with hot glue, add a metallic thread at the base.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

Handmade cards

A nice alternative to Christmas cards that are bought in stores, are these handmade. Print a Christmas tree with nothing but green color, this will serve as the basis. Then decorate each different postcard. You can use cardboard clippings or magazines, fabrics, buttons or whatever your imagination proposes. Any material you have on hand can be worth it.

Photo: Studio D

Fingerprint designs

This handicraft with thumbs starts with a bunch of blank cards.

Mistletoe: Use green paint, spread your fingertips and put them on the paper to create the leaves. To make the details in red use a marker.

Lights: For this design you need more colors but the process is the same. Finally, use a black pen to join the lights.

Reindeer: Stick your fingers with brown paint and leave your mark on the white paper. Use a black-tipped pen to draw the rest.

Photo: David Hillegas

A cross stitch decoration

If you like the cross stitch make a design like this to hang it on the wall. This will add a very festive touch to your home.

Photo: David Hillegas

Advent Calendar

Count the days until Christmas with small paper envelopes that house many surprises: sweets, small toys, tickets ... You just have to put the numbers in each envelope, and the way you do it is free. Use, for example, small labels, stickers or simply draw the numbers with a marker. Then hang the envelopes in a beautiful frame.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

A snowy cookie jar

Take the cookies out of their box and put them in a jar as festive as this.

Step 1: Use a fine brush to paint small white dots on the outside of the glass jar.

Step 2: Fill the bowl with snowy, delicious cookies. You can also add some figures like the tree or the reindeer.

Step 3: It ends with a thin red bow.

Photo: David Hillegas

Gift wrapping maps

The pages of an atlas or a road map are perfect for wrapping gifts. Instead of decorating it with a bow, use a red cord and a button.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

Stars to the centimeter

A "custom" decoration.

Little Star: Use rules of no more than 30 centimeters. Place them to create a star like the one in the image. Do not forget to fix everything with glue.

Medium Star: Use a 150 cm ruler and cut it into pieces so that a 6-pointed star is created. Also make sure everything is well attached.

Big star: Use a 180 cm ruler and cut it every 30 centimeters to create a 5-pointed star as in the photo. Secure everything with clips.

Photo: David Hillegas

Accessories for gifts

These colorful creations will give the joy that these brown paper wrappers need.

You can opt for wool pom poms (very easy to make, you only need a piece of cardboard and wool), candy canes (to create these original sleds) or you can make a Christmas tree with straws, thread and buttons.

Photo: David Hillegas

A wireless Christmas sock

Step 1: Choose a size and shape and make a template to help you. Cut the fabric (choose a white one) and with a red marker draw the details of the sock and snowflake (you can choose any other Christmas motif).

Step 2: Cut a slightly smaller piece to make the hem of the sock. Paint it also with the red marker pen.

Step 3: When you have all the pieces cut you just have to join them. Use glue or glue and make sure everything stays in place.

Photo: David Hillegas

Gift paper with reindeer silhouette

A blank paper is the perfect background for these silhouettes. Choose a reindeer template, print it and cut it. Then, with this same template, make some reindeer of cardboard or newspaper. Put them on top of the paper and secure them with glue. For the final touch, add some string.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

A garland with coffee filters

Dear popcorn, you have been replaced in the pantry. This year all you will need for a very happy holiday will be coffee filters. First, to create this beautiful decoration, you need 12 coffee filters for each flower, some roasted and others in white, join only the center and when everything is well stuck with a needle make a small hole in the center. When you have all the flowers made, place them on a rope, cloth or thread. Do not forget to secure each element with knots on both sides. Finally wrinkle the filters to give that floral feeling.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

A honeycomb crown

Paper tubes have never looked so good. If you need something to decorate your door, this idea may interest you. Use paper tubes of various sizes and cut them into pieces of about 3 centimeters, then, taking this photo as a model, go creating the crown. Glue some pieces well with others. To give the final touch you can add some festive bells.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

Cushions with message

Use cushions with different letters to create a message. You only need red and white cloth cushions. With a template, to facilitate the work, cut out the letters you need. Once this is done you just have to put them on the cushions. You can sew the letters or glue them with fabric glue. And that's it!

Menorah with jars and salt

Make a memorable menorah in a few minutes! Who would think that some jars of pepper with salt would seem so sophisticated? Simply empty each of them and fill them with blue decorative salt, then place the candle. Here it is.

Photo: Aimee Herring

Custom Christmas balls

With these empty Christmas balls you can use all your creativity. For example, you can use a peacock feather or, if you think it is not festive enough, choose to put a miniature tree and decorate it with a snow spray. The possibilities are endless.

Photo: Aimee Herring

Socks made with patterns

Jordi Kahn, author of Simply Sublime Gifts, devised this ingenious project that, simply ironing the pattern paper, achieves a fairly durable material.

Instructions: Unique Stocking Craft


To start with this project you need a kit like this one from So you can create a snowball yourself:

Step 1: Decide what you want to put inside the ball, knowing that plastic and ceramic is what can work best.

Step 2: If you want you can decorate the base, depending on your scene you can choose grass or just paint.

Step 3: Place your figure on the base and secure it well.

Step 4: Once the glue has dried, fill the ball with distilled water and the snow that comes in the kit. To hide the edges between the base and the ball, paste a pretty bow.

Photo: Lara Robby / Studio D

Handmade Seed Ornament

If you want to attract blue jays or goldfinches to your garden, with this ornament made of seeds you will get it.

Instructions: Bird Seed Ornament

Via: Country Living US