10 creative ways to use a grocer outside the kitchen

10 creative ways to use a grocer outside the kitchen

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If the room is small, the ideal is to take advantage of the vertical space to store your work material, and this ingenious cardboard sheet combined with several specters will make your order much easier.

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Show off your toddler's clothes

As the clothes of your little ones do not weigh much you can transform the grocer into a coat rack for your child's room without worrying about the weight.

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Turn your bathroom into a beauty salon

Attention, addicted to manicure: Use several specters to place and order your collection of enamels and find the color at a glance.

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Hang your jewelry collection

Just add a few hooks on the front of the shelf to hang each necklace. You can also take advantage of all the upper space (where spices are supposed to go) for toiletries.

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A simple way to organize the endless collection of stories and books of your children. Place spectros at all heights and see how they disappear from the ground.

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An essential bathroom accessory

A shelf for air fresheners plus support for toilet paper rolls. One of the best applications we have found.

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Organize your DIY materials

Fanatic washi tape, Then you will need one (or six) of these specters, they are the perfect size to order all your adhesive tapes.

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More space on your desk

Take advantage of all your desk space to work and sort all your pencils and office supplies on the wall.

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More storage area in the bathroom

These small shelves are the ideal size for perfumes and bottles of spray. You can also hang a shelf for each family member and avoid chaos in the bathroom.

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Order your cleaning products

Who has room for all detergents? No one. But if you hang some of these specters on the inside of the closet door, you gain space before you didn't have one. The furniture under the sink just won a lot of space.

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