Sauces: varieties and how to use them in the kitchen

Sauces: varieties and how to use them in the kitchen

Nuria Serrano

We review the richest sauces for dipear (dip, spread) with bread, nachos, doritos, colines, etc. Sauces are the perfect complement to enhance meats, fish or vegetables.

There are many sauces but we have chosen the most popular in the market to know them better. There are some that bite, that they know between sweet and savory, that soften and give color ... like these!

Nuria Serrano

Cheese sauce. You can opt for cheddar, to accompany with nachos and homemade guacamole; or by gruyère or emmental, to serve with vegetables and pasta and, even, blue cheese for meat.

Sweet and sour sauce. This very popular oriental sauce is made with sugar, rice vinegar and salt. Ideal to take with spring rolls, fried chicken, nuggets, batters ...

Sesame sauce With these seeds you can make an excellent tahini as salad dressing. He is also a good companion of steamed white fish, in papillote or grilled, as well as roasted or grilled vegetables.

Guacamole Its name comes from Nahuatl ahuacamolli. Known worldwide, it is the best sauce for dipear with nachos or to fill burritos and tortillas.

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Pesto. This Italian sauce is associated with pasta, but have you tried it extended in the bases of the pizzas or in the bread toast? Surprise yourself!

Honey and mustard sauce. Vinaigrettes are a basic dressing with sweet and sour nuances. Not only in fresh salads, also in scalded peppers and eggplants and, even, for seafood spatter with octopus and prawns.

Old-fashioned mustard. Among all types of mustard, it is the mildest. Whole seeds add great flavor to chicken or pork recipes with mashed garnish - potato, pumpkin or cauliflower - enriched with this sauce.

Chimichurri. Traditional from Argentina and Uruguay, it takes vinegar, parsley, garlic, ground pepper and salt. It is used in barbecues and to marinate fish and birds.

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Spanish sauces

Black garlic Alioli This caramelized garlic results from the fermentation of common garlic. It is luxurious as a sauce and enriches the rice and also the fish.

Mojo canon picón. Called red or brave mojo, it is the traditional companion of wrinkled potatoes, gofio or sancocho. And it is indispensable in meat barbecues.

Prepare the sauce at home, so you will know that it is one hundred percent natural. Without additives and with much less calories.

Homemade Pesto Sauce

You need:- 50 g chopped basil leaves
- 70 g cheese
- grated Parmigiano grated
- 30 g grated pecorino cheese
- 35 g of pine nuts
- 1 clove garlic
- salt and olive oil.

Beat all the ingredients with the blender ... and voila!


Tomato sauce, the healthiest

How not to mention the queen of sauces? It is popular, versatile and a source of vitamins.

Nuria Serrano

To make it, use ripe and meaty tomatoes -type pear or branch- and crush them without skin to improve cooking.

Use a pan as wide as possible and with a certain height, and make a stir-fry poaching onion, garlic and Italian green pepper (this one optional) over low heat.

When the vegetables are soft, add the crushed tomato and do not raise the temperature or cover the container. At 40-45 minutes the sauce will be ready with the desired thickness. Try it, add salt and herbs (basil and oregano) and rectify the acidity point of the tomato, if necessary, with sugar. Finally, sift it with a pasapurés and a Chinese.

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