Trick or Treating? Inspirations for Halloween

Trick or Treating? Inspirations for Halloween

Imported from the Anglo-Saxon countries, the festival of 31 October He jokes with fear and death to conjure both.

Even if Halloween It is, in principle, a celebration for children, more and more adults join the idea of ​​organizing a terrifying meeting at home.

The keys to proper decoration? Avoid thematic profusion so as not to reload the space and opt for details that inspire terror, but passed through a kind sieve that distills good taste and adds charm to the environment.

Advertising - Keep reading under Brujitas and a black cat

Brujitas and a black cat welcome from the hall, but reassuring: they cannot escape their confinement. Search the Internet for templates, print them and cut them on black cardboard. Here they were placed in Ikea frames, to which the back was removed, and fixed with matte zeal. Candle holder and console, from Shibbi.

Pumpkins and candles

Do you know that you can keep them from one year to another? You just have to empty them by the base, clean them and let them dry. Wrinkled, they will be beautiful in a still life. Like the ones in the image on the right, next to fresh pumpkins, from Shanghai Nurseries.

To make the staging more evocative, turn them on before guests arrive at your home. Half melted and with the dripping wax, they will be more effective. Candles, from Ikea.

Articulated spider

The watchman in the window. Download the template of a ghost, print it and increase its scale. Cut out the template on a black A1 size card, measuring 84.1 x 59.4 cm. Drill the shape of eyes and mouth, and paste the ghost into the window pane. He will tell your guests where the party takes place!

By the roof. Cut out orange and black cardboard letters to make garlands. The most common words: happy halloween, trick or treat and expressions like uhhhhhh!

Skull Wreath

Instead of candies ... Peel tangerines carefully to keep them in shape. Where before your tail was inserted a piece of celery and you will have mini pumpkins. You can also prepare banana ghosts: cut its straight base, remove the skin and make eyes and mouth with chocolate pearls. Decorate the corner with benign monstrous creatures, such as this 20 cm articulated spider (€ 1.5) or the luminous skull garland (€ 4). From Primark.

Luminous skeletons

A garland based on white spheres is perfect for simulating floating heads. Buy in the stationery black adhesive paper and paste circles for the eyes, a triangle for the nose and rectangles for the mouth and teeth. Garland, from Ikea. Picture by Shibbi.

Head down bats

Download templates of different sizes with the shape of this mammal and cut them on black cards. Paste mobile eyes of those sold in the bazaars and, with the help of a drill, make a hole in the tails. Pass through them a nylon thread and hang them from the ceiling or plants you have at home. Here they were made from a garland, from Aires de Fiesta, in which the bats were separated.

Skull Trail

On a pearl gray card, draw the silhouette of a skull and cut it out. Fold it in half and cut two semicircles -one for each eye-
and half a triangle for the nose. Unfold it and keep it between books to stretch it. Hold a skewer stick from behind with zeal and stick the skulls in the ground or in pots.

Bags with surprise

Prepare the candies in special bags. Put a sheet of orange tissue paper inside so that it protrudes. Paste out adhesive eyes. Make a loop with orange ribbon decorated with cobwebs and another with a black silk bow, and fix them outside the bag with contact glue. The web with cobwebs is from Aires de Fiesta.

Crown for the door

This crown alternates black and natural balls, strung on a wire and decorated with a boa of dark feathers. On the ground, the ants of four attached mats threaten a marabunta. From Ikea: balls, doormats and lanterns. Pompoms, from Aires de Fiesta. Cushions, by Pepe Peñalver. Bank of Shibbi.