Tips to enjoy the plants at home

Tips to enjoy the plants at home

Pagie Mullins

One of the simplest options to decorate the terrace or garden walls are the vines, they need a guide to attach to the surface; and the climbing plants, They have aerial roots.

The most common plants to decorate the garden walls

- Bougainvillea, It needs light and is typical of areas with hot climates.

- Wisteria, It is one of the longest, grows in sunny areas and has blue, white or violet flowers.

- Ivy, It is the most common, resistant and easy to grow and, in addition, you can grow it indoors.

- Honeysuckle, put it in the semi-shade, it will fill your garden with flowers and a pleasant aroma.

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A corner in the garden with its own light

The patio, garden, terrace ... are spaces to enjoy in summer, both day and night.

Wall light Faro Barcelona.

Create magical and welcoming corners, taking care of the illumination. Use lamps that are functional and aesthetic. Floor, foot, laptops, or sconces, like this one.

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Welcome Home!

Ambience of La Redoute Interieurs.

He receiver It is the letter of introduction of our home, so we must carefully take care of its decoration. The plants Y natural flowers They will help you create a delicate and special environment. If you opt for floral arrangements, put them in a cool area, away from the sun, they will last longer.

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