A kitchen with everything in sight

A kitchen with everything in sight

A clear kitchen, with three areas

This kitchen, in small origin, multiplied its space by knocking down partitions and creating a large open area that includes a work front and a cozy dining room. The furniture solves the need to save and helps to define both environments.

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As a work table, room separating element and storage place, the showcases are multifunctional. This, at medium height, also serves to delimit environments. White lacquered beech display cabinet, by Car Möbel (€ 599). Refrigerator, from Bosch.

Everything at hand and in order

The cupboards that combine shelves, drawers and cabinets put order in the kitchen. Here, in the first ones, daily use ingredients are stored; in the seconds, cutlery, tablecloths and napkins; while third parties treasure the most delicate dishes. Lacquered beech cupboard (€ 799).

Like a pantry

Pine shelf with identification tags (€ 409); both, in Car Möbel.


The old cupboards that exposed the tableware without shame in the living room of our grandmothers' houses now claim a privileged place in the kitchen. And it is not for less, because its aesthetic character is added to its functional character.
When should you put them on? Whenever space is available, extra storage space is needed and its design harmonizes with the other kitchen cabinets.

Glass doors

In small environments, it is convenient to choose cupboards with glass doors, since the reflected light creates depth and expands the space.

White cupboard

Although it is integrated into space, the cupboard must have a relevant role. To achieve this, get a careful design, with glass fronts and moldings. Model Maison, at 0.96 x 0.45 x 1.74 m (€ 693.6 in La Oca).

Color refrigerators

A splendid yellow is added to the color palette of the FAB 50s refrigerators manufactured by Smeg, with energy class A (€ 1,600).

Kitchen plan

1. WORK AREA. It was located to the right of the entrance door to the kitchen. Formed by the sink, the countertop and the ceramic hob, it occupies an entire front by the window.
2. TRANSITION AREA. Its function is to delimit the space allocated to the kitchen and separate it from the dining room. It consists of a half-height display case - very practical to expose the dishes and hide the less colorful utensils in the drawers - whose surface also serves as an auxiliary work table. Above it, the chandelier gives a sophisticated touch to the environment. The refrigerator was placed behind the door: a blue model that adds a vintage look to the set.
3. DINING ROOM. Located next, it consists of a table with chairs and two furniture with storage capacity: a bookcase and a cupboard. The carpet marks the beginning of this environment, which in turn communicates with the living room.