Crafts for a DIY Christmas

Crafts for a DIY Christmas

You know what a Christmas is crafty? It is what we mold to our liking, with our hands, love, ingenuity and creativity. And best of all: it is unique. We propose simple projects, crafts that spoil the details. Choose with what idea handmade You are going to decorate your house these holidays.

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A walk in the countryside, a dry branch, some pineapples ... What can I do? A natural arrangement for the house. Hang the branch with silk thread from the ceiling or place it in a vase (with weight at the base). Glue the pineapples with hot silicone to the branch and hang several Christmas decorations: balls, stars, some textile accessory ... It occurs to us to locate the already mounted branch in front of a window and even roll up a garland of lights so that it can be seen from the street at night. Ornaments, similar in Greengate.

Surprises on the tree

A scrap of esparto or sackcloth has inspired this idea: an Advent calendar on the tree. Sew small bags, 10 cm wide x 15 cm high, and embroider numbers on each with stitches or cross stitch technique. If you are going to make a calendar, you will have to make one for each day that remains until Christmas (or the date you want to put, for example, the day of Kings). Hide some candies or chocolates inside, that the little ones or not so little ones discover every day. Tie each bag with a piece of string to the tree branches. It is also a solution to place those little details for your friends or family on Christmas or Kings Day. Photo by Ikea

With some planks

Pine or DM planks, cut to the same size and attached at the back to a pair of slats, which give consistency to the piece. Fix some handles or hangers on the lower end and decorate it as you prefer. Here they have been painted in green and red. Get the faded effect of the paint, mixing it with plenty of water. You can also use the battens of a pallet. Photo by DMC.

Sweet Advent Calendar

Do you want a flirty and very sweet Advent calendar? This idea do it yourself It implies a session between stoves. Knead and bake muffins, muffins or cakes and store them, once cold, in sachets with numbers, one for each day until December 25. Then you just have to hang them with ribbons on a branch. It is an idea of ​​Na Lua Dulce. Photo, made by Silvia Buján.

A tree on a shelf

Remove the books from the shelf and give way to the gifts. It is about forming a triangle with boxes of various sizes and topping them with a star, fixed on the wall. Wrap each box as if it were a gift, with several papers and their ties and labels. It is an original and very colorful solution. You dare? Photo by House Doctor.

Simplicity to power to pack

Even the least virtuous deserves an ideal result when it comes to packaging. You just have to use the craft material. By this time the stores (physical and on line) They are filled with all kinds of stationery accessories that make our work easier. A plain paper (type papers craftt, in plain colors, are ideal) is animated here with adhesive tapes. You don't even have to shape a bow with a textile or paper tape. Simply surround the package with tape, as if it were a heat or packing tape. Photo by Villeroy & Boch.

2D tree on the wall with washi tape

At this point there are few crafty addict who do not know the possibilities of washi tape, but if you are one of those who start tasks handmade, You should know that it is a jealousy of decorated paper, useful to customize everything that comes to mind. Do we dare with this tree on the wall? Simple and light. Use two or three models of washi tape, Cut strips of different lengths and mount the tree on the wall, according to this design. It has been made with adhesive tape of the firm MT, distributed by Mandisign.

Recycled ornaments

How about painting or aging the ornaments of other years, those that no longer excite you? They will look like new with a hand of acrylic paint or an enamel. You can also apply only a gold, silver or copper patina (so fashionable copper reflections) and then varnish to protect the finish. Tie a cotton rope to the washer of the ornament (you will get a very natural look) and hang several at different heights of the knob of a door or in the corner of a cupboard. Ornaments, similar in Greengate.

The delicacy of glass and your creativity

Crystal is a trend this year to decorate Christmas. If you want a special composition to incorporate into your Christmas accessories, we propose a perfect and simple arrangement. Get several crystal balls, in different sizes. With paint or glass markers decorate some balls with Christmas motifs. Here, the stars and snowflakes have been dyed red and gold. You can also fill a ball with ribbons or colored beads. Once the paint dries, you will only have to hang them with silk thread or cord in a corner of the ceiling. Photo by Affari

Gifts in a sack

A piece of burlap cloth becomes a sack to store gifts. But what do you think if we decorate it to our liking? Place a plastic inside so that the paint does not pass from one side to the other. Make a template with the motif of your choice and transfer it to the fabric with textile paint (better with brush strokes, without dragging the paint too much). Let dry and follow the instructions of the paint manufacturer you use (some have to be ironed to fix the pigments). Keep gifts, charcoal for kids or give volume with crumpled papers inside and decorate a corner or place several sacks under the tree. Sack, for sale in Tape Pink.

Christmas is also romantic

Hearts are also a must Among the reasons for these holidays. They are mixed with bells, wings, angels, stars, reindeer ... This composition gives off a lot of romanticism for its shapes and the abuse of hearts. It is a hanger, Advent calendar type, which is used here as a wall ornament, with figures and gifts on the hangers. It is from Hübsch Interior.

The details matter

A gift is always an illusion but it must be noted that it has been chosen with care, thinking about the person who will receive it. A good gift is one that is made with love. The gift itself is important but also its presentation. Sharpen your wits, take advantage of your most creative repertoire and think about how you are going to decorate the gifts this year. Take note of this idea: a beautiful paper, a colored ribbon, a sticker (essential to indicate who the package is for) and a button. It is an idea of ​​Blaubloom.

Origami gifts

Do you want to show off? Then prepare a detail to entertain your guests. Leave a small gift on the plate of each of the guests. Use a template and shape some boxes, which you can then animate with written messages, a lace or ribbon and a mini wooden ornament. This year, the most natural trend of Christmas abuses wood. Since we suggest you choose mini wooden slices to write messages or put the name of the gift recipient. You will find them at Holamama Shop. Photo by Ib Laursen