Light, space and lots of color in this Moscow apartment

Light, space and lots of color in this Moscow apartment

Alexander Volodin

The cold Russian winter screams for a warm home where, in addition to having a pleasant temperature, the decoration transmits life and energy.

And is that facing several months below zero is not pleasant for anyone, much less for this young family with a child, who wanted above all that his house conveyed the same joy that they can boast.

The interior design project that addressed the 120 square meters of the apartment, at the hands of decorator Ivan PozdnyakovHe opted to fill each space with light and color, under a clearly contemporary style that surprises with its originality, since the vivid tones are ingeniously combined with geometric patterns such as rhombuses or triangles, and blocks of color.

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The kitchen has a large work surface. All appliances are integrated in the right column.

Alexander Volodin Table Moon from Aero; chairs Alchemia from Connubia. Alexander Volodin
"They wanted above all that their house convey the same joy that they can boast."
Ceiling light Slope from Skrivo Design. Alexander Volodin Tiles Tex from Mutina. Alexander Volodin

To make the decoration elements stand out even more, the walls were painted in neutral colors such as white and gray, along with the floor-to-ceiling doors, as a way of integrating the environments.

The house is distributed in a large living room with integrated kitchen, a bedroom with dressing room, a room for the little one, and two bathrooms.

Nordic air furniture mixes design with comfort, being the protagonist of the living room the Samsung TV: being off, instead of staying with the black screen, projects works of art.

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The wooden columns separate the living room from the bathroom.

Alexander Volodin

In the master bedroom, next to the headboard, a door decorated in the same tones as the rest of the room accesses the dressing room.

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The main bathroom was decorated with emphasis on tonal contrast.

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In the children's bedroom, the bed is shaped like a tent. Accompanying the look, the wall was dressed evoking the mountain peaks, and the ceiling lamps represent several colored balloons.

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