A first floor to conquer the world

A first floor to conquer the world


It always makes us very excited when a message comes from our reader (community @) wanting to show us his house. And the illusion multiplies when it comes to a first home. This is the case today. Mateo, a 29-year-old boy living in Bilbao, sent us the photos of his home, a floor of 60 square meters, divided into a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a terrace of 30 square meters, which has been decorated with love.

The predominant style is the Nordic, with pieces of friendly lines. of neutral colors such as white, black and gray, which has brought vitality with strokes of more vivid colors in accessories and textiles. Going through your flat is like going around the world through photographs, wall decorations, airplanes, the signal inspired by the old airports ... There is no lack of humor, like the dishes that ask for silence, the glasses of XXL version of the kitchen or flamenco soda that has nested in one of the corners of the room.

Thank you very much for sharing it with us, Mateo! We hope you are very happy in it.

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Our reader invites us to go home. A flat of 60 square meters in Bilbao.

Northern Aires

The style that predominates in decoration is the Nordic.

Flying i'm going

We can find airplane models throughout the house.

Deep look

On the sofa, two large-format portraits.

Visually delimit

The carpet serves to differentiate the dining room area while maintaining the open concept of space.

To wear flamenco

In one of the corners of the room, a wire flamenco.


The gray of the sofa has been enlivened with cushions with geometric prints.

Dinning room

With chairs and blank table.

Silence please…

The installation of dishes hanging on the wall puts a touch of humor.


The wood of the television cabinet makes the black and white space warmer.

Start on the right foot

The entrance has been decorated with a suspended chest of drawers and framed sheets.

Kitchen Refreshing

Glasses of soda in XXL version adorn the walls.

Bar Loves

A bar with high stools serves as a table for more informal meals.

Last call…

Winks to travel are all over the house. In the hallway a sign reminiscent of the old airports.


With a white built-in closet and the Componibili of Kartell as bedside tables.


On the bedside tables.


Decorated in gray, white and green.

Like fish in the water

Details in green on the bathroom sink.


The second bedroom, with a plane on the sofa bed.

Applied boy

This room is used as a studio.


Yellow details break with the monotony of white.

Round piece

Detail of the bathroom sink.

Outside life

View of the terrace of 30 square meters.

A table set

View of the outside dining area.

Ride a guateque

A turntable for parties on the terrace.

For prying eyes

A wooden fence gives privacy to the terrace.

A king's body

The rest area, with sun loungers, invites you to relax.