This little house is the perfect place to see the snow

This little house is the perfect place to see the snow

Of all the mini houses we have visited, this module, Escape Vista, adds a new meaning to economic life.

Did you like it? Prices range from € 35,000. approx, and orders are delivered within 30 to 60 days.

Advertising - Continue reading below A 48 m² house

You may not have a bathtub or a full-size refrigerator per account with plenty of storage space under the kitchen counter.

A movable house

Surely this is the most elegant and cozy mini house we have ever seen. And one of the cheapest options.

A house with views

The best of this house are the panoramic windows, ideal to enjoy the stunning views of winter.

The dining room has spectacular views

From the mini dining room you can enjoy unique views.

The bedroom

The sleeping area, equipped with a very comfortable sofa bed, also has a flat screen TV with Blu-ray.

Storage area

Each corner is fully cramped.

Tailored modules

The furniture is designed to the millimeter to take advantage of every corner.


Despite not having much space, the house has a closet with enough space.

The bathroom

The bathroom also houses the laundry room, with a practical (and essential) washer dryer.

Sofa bed Timber

The entire interior is made of wood.

Via: Country Living US