Creative pastry: a delicious art

Creative pastry: a delicious art

Fantasy decorations and intense colors that catch flavors and surprise the palate and the eye. The world of sweets has undergone a revolution and there are more and more chefs and cookers who fall before the art of sugar and introduce creativity as the main ingredient in their sweet recipes. The muffins are now called cupcakes and the biscuits bathe in decorative toppings of fondant, syrup or cream. It is a matter of practice and imagination. Only then will you be able to put the icing on the cake.

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Do you know the edible ink markers? Do not? You have to sign up for a creative baking course. From Greengate: glass (€ 12), plate (€ 17), jug (€ 22), tablecloth (€ 63), table runner (€ 14), napkin (€ 7) and cushion (€ 42).

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

INGREDIENTS: For the mass: 110 grams of flour • 110 grams of Tulip margarine • 80 grams of sugar • 2 eggs • 1 tablespoon of Potax cornstarch yeast • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. To decorate: 100 gr of Tulip margarine • 130 gr of dark chocolate • cat tongues or mini cookies for the mouth and ears • white chocolate pearls for the eyes.
PREPARATION: In a bowl, mix the Tulip margarine and sugar. Add the eggs little by little while you bat. Add the flour, cornstarch and vanilla. Mix and fill cupcake molds up to 3/4 tall. Bake 20 min. at 180º, take out and let them cool. Melt the Tulip in a saucepan, add the dark chocolate and mix. When it's cold, cover the cupcake with this chocolate, but reserve a little. Make the ears and mouth with the cat tongues cut. Put the pearls as eyes. With a fork, decorate the face with the chocolate you have reserved.

Silicone molds for creative pastries

It is a flexible material widely used in confectionery, both in spatulas and in rugs or molds. In the picture: cupcake molds Sockerkaka, from Ikea (€ 3.99 / 6).

Creative pastry recipes: necessary utensils and ingredients

- Main component, creativity. Although other specials are also required, in addition to eggs, flour and yeast: essences, dyes or edible inks.
- Molds. It is essential that they are of good quality, only then will they withstand the high temperatures of the oven and facilitate impeccable demoulding. Before pouring the dough inside, grease the mold well with butter or oil (very practical spray version).
- Not only of fondant The pastry maker lives. In addition to this moldable fondant, it uses type creams buttercream or frosting of cheese, jams, fruits and flavored jellies to decorate.
- Gadgets that facilitate tasks. Whims like this yolk separator. You just have to break the egg, pour it over the separator and the egg will fall on the sides. It is from Rosti Mepal (€ 1.90).

Experiment and play with baking

When you enter this world you will not want to hang your apron. If you get hooked, you will get acquainted with rollers, molds, sleeves and nozzles, spatulas, brushes, containers, scales ... Surely you will want a robotic kitchen pin (KitchenAid type) and the most delicate utensils, like this one from Krasilnikoff.

Tasting with the naked eye

Cover your cakes and pies with trays, bases and glass bells. When it comes to having dessert on the table, do it in one of these pieces of utensils. Glass bells prevent the cake from drying until ready to serve. If you don't want to place the cake on the tray, cover it with paper embroideries, Teflon sheets, sulfurized papers or siliconized fabrics and tablecloths (known as Silpat). Affari signature: tray The Golden (from € 25) and tray with foot Stella (from € 31). Bells Beautiful (from € 8).

Get started in the art of creative baking

Start with biscuits covered with fondant or muffins topped with a natural cream. Decorate with sugar flowers, pearls, noodles and others toppings, like those offered by the firm Vahiné. And if you want a true work of art, such as these grape and Chardonnay delights, order them from Patricia Arribálzaga, from Cakes Haute Couture (€ 3.50 each).

Customize your cakes with practical templates

Only with icing sugar, cocoa powder or cinnamon and a template of this type, perforated with motifs, you will leave an ideal cake. Made of plastic and dishwasher safe, they are from Tescoma, for sale at Casa Viva (€ 8.95 / 6).