Paint the walls with very decorative effects

Paint the walls with very decorative effects

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Paint / Roller to apply the paint / Paper or plastic to protect the floor / Level and meter / Ruler and pencil / Bodybuilder tape.

Geometric figures

Smooth and stamped: He paints a wall in a darker tone and adorns another, on a white background, with geometric figures. Protect the floor of the room with paper or plastic and cover the skirting board, the plugs and the wall that you are not going to paint with the body tape. Gray painting by Luxens, in Leroy Merlin. Chairs and basket, from Los Peñotes. Cushions, from El Globo Muebles. Plants, from Ikea.

A painted socket

Center the mural composition so that the step of the socket is equidistant. This socket has a height of 120 cm. To delimit it, place the level at that distance from the ground and draw a soft line with a pencil. Hang the pictures and draw the step leaving a distance of about 10 cm between the frame and the base. Glue the bodybuilder tape over the entire line drawn, insist on the edge to prevent the paint from sneaking underneath. You can start painting.

Ecological paint in light green Majestic Original, from Jotun. Armchair Gagnet, from Ikea (€ 59.99). Oval coffee table (€ 108) and vase, from El Globo Muebles. Basket and cushion, from Los Peñotes. Paintings of the artist Fumiko Negishi published in www.navea58.com

Peaks socket

Climb the mountain: Give prominence to a wall with a 110 cm high pedestal and paint it to your liking. In high-traffic rooms, such as the corridor or children's rooms, use washable, scratch-resistant and stain-repellent paints. Painting Majestic Resist, from Jotun Bank and little sheep (€ 38), from El Globo Muebles. Stools, by Los Peñotes. Carpet, by Leroy Merlin.

Visual effects painting

On the white wall draw a circle of 60 cm and paint it dark gray, so that the ceiling lamp is trapped in it. Painting Eiffel Tower Pantone, from ALP, in Leroy Merlin. Metal screen and chair, from El Globo Muebles.