Tips and ideas to complete the lounge with armchairs

Tips and ideas to complete the lounge with armchairs

That is "living room" and it comes to mind that ideal armchair that we have always looked for. A perfect complement in the seats that your home you have to choose carefully and considering several factors. Quiet, because to facilitate the task we have grouped them into four sections.

First we will look at the composition. If you are going to place your chair in the living area, you will have to take into account the dimensions of the room and how to coordinate it with the sofa. For small spaces, it is best to bet on a "U" distribution, that is, the sofa resting on the longest wall and an armchair on each side or "L", placing the seats on one side of the perpendicular sofa. If your living room has more meters, face two sofas and add auxiliaries to each side. And a basic deco key: the symmetries They have the power to transmit order and measure. If on the contrary you want to communicate movement and naturalness, look for models with different shapes or upholsteries.

Depending on the use you are going to give to the seats You will choose one model or another. In the living room you will look for armchairs where the style prevails and without large frames, so as not to make eye contact or conversation difficult. If you are going to put it in a corner for reading, The best is one that allows you to sit in an upright position and if you are going to use it to relax in the living room or in the bedroom, the most suitable options are the reclining ones, those with footrests or the classic ones with earmuffs.

The most common materials the upholsteries of the armchairs They are leather and fabric. In the first case, the result is a warm and comfortable seat, since the skin has the characteristic of adapting to body temperature. It is durable, but a bit expensive, hence the use of synthetic leather, cheaper and easier to clean. The upholstered in fabric they will allow you to choose between more textures, designs and colors and create more personal and original pieces.

Finally, you will also have to count, when choosing a model, with the type of decoration that predominates in the room. The most classic armchairs, made of wood and carefully worked and those with large earmuffs and arms are perfect for classic or modern environments with retro touches. In bohemian rooms, the rocker type will look great, and in the Nordic rooms, those with simple lines and pastel colors.

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Take action: leave between sofa and armchair at least 75-80 cm to facilitate the passage.

The seats usually have a wooden or metal structure, both quite resistant, but difficult to move, to win a seat, unless you have wheels. Those of natural fiber are ideal for the exterior and for small interior spaces, because its plot lets the light pass and, despite little, you can easily move them.

Find a comfortable and quiet corner, put an armchair and floor lamp and you already have your reading area.

When choosing a color, you will have to take into account the rest of the furniture in the room. If neutral tones prevail, choose an armchair in more intense colors, such as garnet or blue, or geometric and floral prints. But if there is already a lot of color, choose neutral, gray or beige tones, like this Osborne & Little fabric.

The carpet you put on must include at least the front legs of the armchairs and the armchair.

Although the capitoné is a technique of upholstery that was related to the classic style, today it fits in all environments. Its characteristic embossed padding with rivets can be made of leather, ideal in industrial or retro air stays, or in fabric with floral prints, perfect for bohemian styles. This seats are from Vintage 4P.

Not all furniture has to be the same color, but a chromatic harmony is necessary.

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Create an environment conducive to receiving at home with some extra auxiliary seat in the living area. Here you have several options to choose from:


Model armchair

ULRIKSBERG , of braided rattan, of Ikea.

Do you like cool and light environments? Opt for a fiberglass armchair as an auxiliary seat, you will put a casual note throughout the room.


Armchairs upholstered with printed Gancedo fabric.

If you are not convinced by the conventional formula of the two facing or angled sofas, you can replace one of them with a pair of armchairs, yes, they should be generously sized and well-chosen upholstery.


Break the monochrome balance of your living room with a detail in a raised tone.

For sale at La Redoute Home.

A shoemaker like this one, with a pink upholstered capitone, will be the center of all eyes.


White leather bench, from SuperStudio.

Completing the seating area with sidewalks or poufs is a great solution for the lack of seating in the lounge. The advantage of this option is that by not having backups, the space is visually cleared. If, in addition, white finishes are chosen, the area will be further lightened.


The pieces vintage and those of industrial air They marry beautifully in simple spaces.

Armchairs, by Ladies and Gentleman.

The key to integrating both styles is to have white walls and floors. Here stand out the two black metal armchairs next to an aged light blue sideboard. A beautiful combination.