Tips to keep the washing machine in perfect condition

Tips to keep the washing machine in perfect condition

Do you remember the first day with your new washing machine? You promised yourself again and again that you would never neglect it and after a year, everything will be the same as before. Sometimes, without realizing it, we make mistakes in the habitual use that with changing some habits could make the life of our washing machine be lengthened and its state would remain as the first day.

For example, the overloads. Avoiding it is very important since it is essential that for proper operation in the laundry the garments can move normally. You will also notice it in the results.

Clean the washer rubber It's another one of those things we never remember and that you should aim for fire. You don't know how many treasures this little tailor's drawer stores ...

Ventilate the drum whenever you finish each wash and clean inside possible residues: hairs, sand, fluff ...

Thoroughly clean the detergent box. You will avoid annoying fungi and bacteria. How? With a toothbrush or small brush.

Occasionally do a maintenance wash. Leave the drum empty and by the washing machine in a mode for delicate garments, such as for cotton. To clean it thoroughly put a little vinegar in the detergent box.

Keep the always clean filters. It's fundamental.

And of course, clean it out. Avoid excess dirt or dust that accumulates on the surface.