All in one: a 38m2 minipiso maximized

All in one: a 38m2 minipiso maximized

Unite and you will win. This seems to have been thought by the owner of this mini-flat (for sale in the immovable Alvhem) located on the fifth floor of a 1,920 building in Linnaeus, the most sought-after area of ​​Gothenburg today. His particular fight was against the meager 38 square meters of your home and his plan of attack was to unite different uses in the same room to avoid living without tightness. The living room, for example, now shares space with the bedroom and the kitchen with the dining room, achieving a much more functional interior.

The apartment has been restored with love, preserving the oak floors and the original moldings and taking advantage of the height of 3 meters of the ceilings to invent heights and two fitted wardrobes, one at the entrance and another next to the bed. The colors, or rather the scarcity of them, has been the tool that has been used to visually unite the spaces: a lot of white, gray, black, fibers, leather and wood, energized with plants, works of art and accessories. Less is more.
Styling: Kristina Cuvier

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Ingenuity and good taste has managed to squeeze the full potential of this Gothenburg mini-flat.

Light in abundance

Being located on the fifth floor of a building, light floods all its interior and is far from the hustle and bustle of the street.


Stone plates have been placed to take advantage of this hole as an exhibition space.

Comfort zone

A black leather sofa and a BKF chair make up the space for the living room.

Good stroke

Six black and white drawings put the touch arty to the living room

Shared space

To make the floor more functional, the bedroom and the living room share the same space.

Bedroom view Black and white

The shortage of colors serves to create visual unity between the spaces.


Put the bed together to the wall, delimit the living room with a carpet, place a coat rack next to the bed ... this floor is full of original solutions.


A floor-to-ceiling closet has been installed next to the bed, taking advantage of the entire height (3 meters).


Next to the living room is the kitchen-dining room.

Food for four

Once again, joining spaces achieved a kitchen with enough space to have a fairly large office area.


It is the color that predominates in this kitchen.

A lot of light

It has also been very important to visually expand the spaces.

Discreet design

The chairs of the Eames merge perfectly with the rest thanks to white.

Very equipped Like an oak

The oak floors are original of the house.

In the air

The 3 meters of roof allowed to create a loft that solves the lack of storage space.

Entrance View

A closet for coats and shoes was also installed here.

Step to the bathroom Plaid

It has been covered with a traditional 10x10 white tile.

Gray matter

It has been combined with another gray tile in the shower area and on the floor.

Pure facade

View of the 1920 building that houses the minipiso.

Floor plan