Keys to using appliances correctly and paying less

Keys to using appliances correctly and paying less

For general family savings, it is important to get the most out of them and optimize their consumption and, for this, their correct location, daily maintenance and use is essential.

The fridge. Place it away from heat sources, to avoid overheating and its malfunction. If it generates frost, defrost it regularly. A layer of ice of about 5mm makes the device consume 30% more. Control the temperature, the recommended is 7º C the fridge and -18º C the freezer.

Cooking zone. Be sure to center the containers when cooking, if you don't, much of the heat will be lost. It is also important to choose the right fire. Match the diameter of the pot or pan with the infrared radiation as closely as possible. Cover the pot when cooking, you will save up to 15%. Remove stains immediately. Stewing with embedded stains leads to a loss of energy and a decrease in potency.

Oven. Cook everything you can at one time, but without abusing to not saturate it. Try not to open it all the time, because every time you do it you lose 20% of the accumulated energy. Prepare food in medium pieces. The smaller the portion, the less time it will take to cook well.

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Simple changes in household habits

In our day to day we have internalized certain tasks that, without realizing it, make the electricity bill increase.

The Fridge It is the appliance that consumes the most. By controlling the number of times the door is opened and closed, your expense can be reduced up to 10%. It is advisable to use the eco programs in those devices that have them and run away from fast programs, since the latter spend more energy to do everything in less time.

Organize your ironing time, it is better to iron for larger batches than just plug it in for 1 or 2 pieces. You can also take advantage of the residual heat of cooking plate and oven, to finish making your preparations or to keep them at a good temperature.

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Look at the energy labels

If you are going to buy a new appliance, consider its energy efficiency that is marked by One letter and one color.

You will find devices of the A to G, the A being the most efficient and the G the most spending implies. The A can be followed by the + symbol, the more you have, the more energetic it will be. The colors range from green to red, the first being the most effective.

The stand by of all the devices supposes an expense of 52 euros to the year, according to the OCU.

Total disconnection to reduce the bill

The TV It is the second appliance in light expenditure. Those who consume less are those with LED screens, followed by LCD and plasma. The old ones, with cathode rays, are the ones that raise the bill the most. Turn it off completely when you're not seeing it.

And for small houses: Mini appliances