A kitchen of Mediterranean airs

A kitchen of Mediterranean airs

An open space, delimited by an arch, with white walls and an arch. This is the canvas on which the Clysa studio has designed A kitchen as simple as functional. The center of the space is occupied by a large island that fulfills three functions: storage space, work area and dining table. The distribution is U-shaped, with three walls occupied by white furniture, minimalist lines and no handle, which merge with the environment and disappear. One of the fronts is covered by ceiling to floor cabinets, with a lot of storage capacity; another, the cooking area with furniture up and down, and the third, with a window, low cabinets that contain the sink.

The kitchen is open to a living area, but the arch and the island delimit their space without losing the amplitude. The light from the window and the adjacent room invades this space where white is the protagonist. Wise brushstrokes of wood, such as the island's clear elm or the lamp's natural wood veneer shade, and the ceramic finish of the floor and the leather of the stools provide touches that make the space warm.

Photos: Kris Moya Studio

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The Clysa studio has renovated this kitchen with Santos furniture, keeping its Mediterranean style intact.

Arch of Triumph

The kitchen was open to a living area although, thanks to an arch, it has been visually delimited.

The beautiful island

The center of the kitchen is occupied by an island that serves as storage space, work surface and dining table.


The kitchen has been distributed with three U-shaped cupboard areas.

White put

The white cabinets without handles are the LINE-E of Santos. The microwave is from SMEG and the paneled refrigerator and freezer from Liebherr.

Warm touches

The countertop and the wooden lamp (by LZF), the ceramic floor and the leather stools add a warm touch to the white space.

Knock on wood

The island has a Santos elm clear countertop.

Between stoves

The wall in front of the entrance has been furnished with a low and high cabinets front.

Very equipped

In the middle, the cooking zone, with gas plate and SMEG oven and Pando bell.

Mediterranean light

The window overlooks the garden.

Applied boy

Wall lamp in white lacquered steel by Faro.

White and wood

The main tones of the kitchen.

Water zone

Under the window, sink and tap of Blanco.


View of the kitchen.

Very integrated

The new design integrates perfectly with the original architecture.

Comfort zone

The living room adjoining the kitchen.

Entrance arch The dinner room

In a room next to the kitchen we find a dining room.

The kitchen plan