A small caravan ... Attached to a bicycle!

A small caravan ... Attached to a bicycle!

If you are planning a country break but want to travel with light luggage, you are in luck! The Wide Path Camper company, based in Denmark, has just designed A mini caravan that hooks to the back of the bike.

But the best thing is that thanks to its simplicity when folding, it is very easy to transport, and once you arrive at your destination, it will only take you 3 minutes to turn the mini caravan into a cozy space with capacity for two people!

It does not reach 3 meters long or 1.5 meters high, and barely weighs 40 kilos. In addition, inside it has transformable seats in a bed for two people, with storage space inside! And according to the Wide Path Camper website, it also has a folding table outside perfect for outdoor dining.

If you like it, know that it is for sale for around € 3,500. Of course, you will have to wait between one and two weeks of preparation, and up to two more weeks for shipping.

Photos: Courtesy of Wide Path Camper

Via: Country Living US