A duplex with loft aesthetics

A duplex with loft aesthetics

East duplex penthouse near Barcelona premieres a modern image and exclusive environments, without sacrificing comfort. Its owners, a couple with two children, commissioned the reform to the interior designer Mónica López Andreu and the architect Miguel Ángel Carretero, of Ezero Arquitectos. His desire was to get a house with open and bright spaces, where adults and children spend the most time together during the day, although each one develops different activities. Therefore, the reform was based on Create a great multifunction room on the ground floor. In it, in addition to having a living and dining area, they created a large work area and a kitchen, equipped with a large peninsula.

On the top floor, which is accessed through a spiral staircase of spectacular design, The master bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room and a play area for children were located. From the latter starts a second staircase that connects it with a Mezzanine enabled as a children's bedroom. As for the decoration, the Pinewood as a link between the three floors and each of its environments. All rooms have a pine parquet and, in addition, are separated with vertical slats in the same finish. Even the countertop of the peninsula is also made with this material.

Next to the pinewood, white is the most relevant color in the project. Walls, ceiling and most furniture shine and spread the abundant natural light of the house; although to avoid a linear decoration, it was qualified with different gray tones and orange touches. Designer furniture and long-haired carpets are also key to breaking the uniformity of white, energizing the decoration and giving a more sophisticated and exclusive air to the environments.

Advertising - Keep reading below An original hall

Several wooden slats form an ajar partition that separates the hall from the living room, without interrupting the passage of natural light. It was made in pinewood, as if it were an extension of the ground. Stage, by Leroy Merlin. Mirror designed by Mónica López Andreu.

Open room

In the reform of this attic, partitions were eliminated to create a large room with several environments that allowed the simultaneous use of different activities to the whole family, a couple with two children. Therefore, an area of ​​the lounge was reserved next to the bookstore to locate a desk-table. Next to it, a design armchair marks the separation between this area and the living room. Interior design, Mónica López Andreu. Architect, Miguel Ángel Carretero.

Original coffee table

The coffee table brings personality to the room for its fun and original design. Coffee table, design by Mónica López.

Living and work area

The furniture of current style with soft and rounded shapes, the long-haired carpets and the dominant white color give visual continuity to the living area and the work area. Chairs, acquired in Eskandal. Flexo orange, from Corium Casa. Carpets: white, from B&B; and gray, by Francisco Cumellas. Blinds, by Leroy Merlin.

Integrated dining room

On the wall of the dining room, and hidden behind several curtains, the interior designer placed extra storage shelves. At his side, leaving a broad step to facilitate circulation, located the gathering area. Refrigerator, from Smeg.

Gathering Zone

Sofa, of the firm Themes V, with gray and beige cushions, of Filocolore; and with orange print, from B&B. Blanket, from Velafusta. Coffee table, designed by Mónica López Andreu, in gloss lacquer. Pouf, from Woodnotes, in paper and cotton.

Integrated kitchen

In line with the loft aesthetic, the kitchen is integrated into the living room, without partitions that separate it. It is a large peninsula equipped with white furniture and a wooden countertop, which repeats the decorative scheme of the entire room. Kitchen designed by interior designer Monica Lopez Andreu, with Ikea furniture and appliances, Whirlpool. Supernatural chairs, from Moroso, in fiberglass and polypropylene, acquired at Arkitectura. Ceiling lamps 172, in molded PVC, for sale at Biosca & Botey.

Peninsula kitchen

The kitchen design is a success that meets the objective of sharing family time for culinary tasks. A peninsula, large but proportional to the breadth of the ground floor, offers a generous work surface without losing eye contact with the other environments of the room. Even in the cooking zone, where the back is turned to the dining room, the issue is solved with a mirror front that, in addition to creating the deepest optical effect, multiplies the natural light.

Children's bedroom to dream

The children's bedroom was located in the attic loft, which has natural light and ventilation through a roof window. In the area where the roof is lower, separated by the spiral staircase, the children's beds were placed directly on the floor. In this way, height is gained and the atmosphere acquires a more informal air.

Game's zone

On the upper floor of the attic ample space was reserved for children to play. This is visually connected to the loft, where their beds were located, through a partition ajar with wooden slats. Table and chairs, Barruguet. Chalkboard interior designer design. Carpet, from Lorena Canals.

A design and functional staircase

The spiral staircase, next to the pine wood, is one of the hallmarks of the house. It maintains the same aesthetic language as the rest of the house and therefore, it is easily integrated into the decoration. Highlights include elements such as the curved wooden railing, which stylizes it, as well as the flown steps and the blade steel cables, keys to lighten its visual weight. Above it, a roof window guarantees the entry of natural light on the upper floor during the day. In addition to saving electricity consumption and facilitating natural ventilation, it makes the use of the ladder safer.

Main bedroom

Without furniture, or distractions, a low bed becomes the protagonist of the master bedroom. The keys: it is centered with two wall lights and some side tables. To dress it, a mixture of textures was chosen and, at his feet, a pleasant carpet was placed, which invites you to take off your shoes. Appliques Tolomeo Faretto, by Artemide, purchased at Biosca & Botey. Velvet quilt, blue blanket, white quilt, cushions and pouf, by Filocolore. B&B carpet.

Very personal bathroom

With a circular mirror, a jewel lamp, a marble sink and a blue lacquered furniture, the bathroom becomes an exclusive space. In addition, it is warm and consistent with the rest of the house, with pine wood as a key material in its decoration. Furniture designed by the interior designer, made in gloss lacquer DM and oak wood. Marble sink, in Gunni & Trentino. Lamp Caboche, by Foscarini, in Biosca & Botey. Towels, from Filocolore. Shelving, by Ikea.

House plan and ideas

On the patio wall, behind the kitchen, a translucent glass enclosure was installed that guarantees the entry of light and avoids views that nothing would bring to the interior. It combines fixed elements with a large central window, which provides natural ventilation.
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